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I Need To Find Ways To Help More People, And You Should Too

Hands Earth Helping World - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay
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Hands Earth Helping World - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

We live in an unprecedented time in history, where we have the ability to connect to more people than ever, but, at the same time, we are also more disconnected from each other than we have ever been. Even when people thousands of miles away are as near as an email or FaceBook message, we are perpetually worlds apart.

It’s been weighing heavily on my mind… How can I help more people? How can I find and aid people who aren’t expecting it? I know that it’s good practice to go blog surfing and share other people’s blog posts and such, but they expect it, it’s part of the business. I want to help people who will actually appreciate it, people who aren’t really expecting it. I wish that I knew how to find those people.

Even with all that’s going on in my own life, even while I’m facing possible homelessness, I can’t help but think of others. I know that there are far too many people in the world who are struggling and suffering, and I want to do something for them. I can’t give them money, but if I can make the world aware of them, of what they do, then I can possibly bring some hope or prosperity to their lives.

It sickens and saddens me that the best most people can muster is a like on a social post. They don’t comment or share or do anything real. They click a button that is really meaningless. What are they doing that actually helps? How is it that people can sit in their homes, day after day, and not be heartsick over the state of the world? How can they not yearn to do more? I don’t know, but for me, I can’t stop thinking about what I might be able to do to help others.

I don’t know if it makes me amazing or stupid or what, when even though so few are willing to help me, I’m searching my brain trying to figure out ways to help others. And I want to help people I don’t know, even people who may never know that I did anything for them. It’s not about money or gratitude, although both are very nice rewards for a good deed. It’s about knowing in my heart, deep in my soul, that I’m still a good person and that I’ve done some little thing to make the world a better place.

Be Kind Dalai Lama Quote - Available on Zazzle

Be Kind Dalai Lama Quote – Available on Zazzle

I wish that all of you out there could dig down and find the goodness ingrained in your humanity. We’re not designed to be selfish and cold and distant. We’re designed to be cooperative and compassionate and connected. There’s even scientific proof to back that, along with all the spiritual beliefs that say as much. We have become what the media has trained us to be, and that’s not right. We’ve stopped being a society, we’ve stopped caring for one another.

I beg all of you: reconnect. Try to do good for others, even if you get absolutely nothing out of it. There are countless things that you can do to help someone, and many of them are free. Smiling at someone, saying thank you, holding a door, sharing a link, talking about someone on your blog… There is a never-ending supply of good that you can put into the world. Sure, I need help, but you know what? Help someone. Help anyone. Just be a good human being. The change of the world starts with the choices that we make every day.

Briana Blair

Briana Blair

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    Your selflessness is inspiring in the face of what you have going on, Bri. Likes on Facebook do help, but nowhere as much as shares of course. I’m trying to help as many people as I can myself.

      Briana Blair

      You are one of the good ones. [smiles] And thank you. I do try. It’s not easy, but we have to do what we can.

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