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I Love My Diva! | A Diva Cup Review

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First off: Guys, you most likely won’t want to read this, so turn back now. Ladies, I’m not going to be really delicate about this review, so brace yourselves. It’s going to be plain and honest, maybe a little TMI and maybe a little funny. Now that the warnings are out of the way, let’s get on with the review!

For those who don’t know, the Diva Cup is a reusable menstrual cup that replaces your need for tampons or pads. They last for years if maintained properly, there’s no risk of TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome), and they’re good for the environment too.

Diva cup on bag

Simply put, I adore my Diva Cup. I will never go back to using other products if I can avoid it. This little silicone cup is the best thing that ever happened to my period and I couldn’t be happier.

Honestly, when I first heard about these menstrual cup things a couple of years ago I was like “Oh HELL no!” It sounded gross and weird and probably painful and messy and… Yeah, I was not interested beyond the initial morbid curiosity. Then I was messing about on the internet last month and caught sight of them again, and I was much more interested. Why? My period has become hell in the last year. It’s heavy, it hurts, I go through pads and tampons at an alarming rate, I was getting sore and rashy and miserable. I was ready for a change, if such a thing existed. Luckily for me, there is the cup, and I decided to take the plunge and buy one.

I‘d read that they usually cost about $50, so I was very happy to get mine on Amazon for only $28. This thing isn’t just worth every penny, it would have been worth the $50. I’m not joking, I’m that happy with it. I have never felt as clean, comfortable and secure in all the years I’ve been menstruating. I wholeheartedly recommend that every woman try one of these if she can afford it. It may just change your life for the better.

Now, let me break down some of the key points, in a sort of Q&A way. Please note that this is all based on my personal experience, your experiences may vary.

  • That thing looks awfully big. Is it really going to fit?
    • Yup. There’s something called the “push down” method. Use that and you get an insertion point about the size of an average tampon. It’s no big deal after that. (I tried the “C” or “U” fold, that SO did not work!)


  • You’ve got that big thing up in there. Aren’t you going to feel it ALL the time?
    • Nope. Once it’s in right, it’s totally forgettable. Super comfortable. Seriously. Tampons are more noticeable and uncomfortable.


  • Isn’t it going to hurt?
    • Nope. The only time it hurt was the first time I put it in and got it wrong. Every time since then it’s been totally comfortable and WAY less annoying than tampons or pads.


  • It has a stem. Isn’t that going to be weird or painful?
    • Nope. If it’s in right, you don’t know it’s there. Some ladies opt to cut it almost all the way off, but for me it’s no problem at all.


  • Isn’t it gross to put in?
    • Nope. I haven’t had a problem yet. Sure, I end up with a tad bit of fluid (not blood) on my fingertips, but it’s nothing a single square of TP and washing my hands doesn’t fix.


  • Isn’t it messy and gross to get out?
    • Nope. I’ve never gotten so much as a single drop of blood on me yet.
    • Tip: I’ve found the best way to deal with the whole removal/reinsertion thing is to do it in the shower. I just use my muscles to push the cup down while I’m standing there, grab it, give it a little squeeze, pull it out, dump it, wash it, wash myself with my removable shower head, put it back in, give myself another little power wash, and I’m good to go. This method does involve taking a second shower each day, but I’m in there just long enough to take care of the job, then I’m out, so it’s not like it wastes a ton of time or water.


  • Won’t you drop it in the toilet?
    • I suppose it’s possible, but not too likely. I’ve only removed it once over the toilet, and it was no big deal. I did worry that I’d drop it, but I didn’t. It wasn’t too messy either. I dumped it, wrapped it in a square of TP, wiped myself up, went to the sink and cleaned the cup, then reinserted and went on my way. Of course, doing it all in the shower makes it a lot easier, cleaner and less worrisome.


  • Won’t it squeeze out when I do a #2?
    • If you’re straining hard enough to make this pop out, you might be doing something wrong (or have the wrong size). It’ll slide down and the stem might poke out, but I doubt it’s going to come shooting out of there. With a little pull-up motion of your muscles, you can set it back in place after you finish your business, without even touching it.


  • Doesn’t it stink?
    • Nope. Especially not if you do the whole deal in the shower. When I was over the toilet there was a smell, but it was way less than the smell of a pad you’ve been wearing for hours or a bloody tampon string. Flush quickly and you’ll be fine. Oh, and the cup doesn’t seem to hold a smell if it gets washed well every time. It basically just smells like silicone.


  • Doesn’t it leak?
    • Nope. I think it must only leak if you have it in wrong or have the wrong size. I had a night heavy enough to fill the cup all the way to the brim, and not a single drop got by. It also handles lots of walking, stretching and yoga without fear. I don’t even wear a liner anymore, I feel that secure in the protection it offers.


  • Doesn’t it make you feel like you need to pee all the time?
    • Nope. Not for me anyway, and I’m pretty sensitive as it is.


  • Isn’t it weird having to get all up in your business like that?
    • A little, but seriously, I don’t need to go deeper than my first knuckle, so it’s barely anything to get used to. I was super squeamish about it at first, but now I wonder what the big deal was. It’s not all that bad. Even seeing the blood is becoming no big thing.


  • Can you really wear it for 12 hours?
    • Yup. I’ve been changing it just twice a day and it’s awesome. SO much better than changing a tampon every two hours or a pad every four.


  • Is it dangerous?
    • No. As a matter of fact it’s less irritating to your outer bits than pads and much safer than tampons since there’s no risk of TSS. it’s a much kinder option for your body.


  • Can’t it get lost in there?
    • Apparently it has happened to a few people and those stories spread like wildfire, but the reality is that it’s not very likely. Practice Kegels and you’ll be familiar enough with your muscles to push it down to a place where you can reach it to remove it. And remember, don’t shove it way up in there. You want it in just far enough to get the stem out of sight.


  • Do I really need to shave first?
    • You don’t need to go full bare, but a trim would help. I can’t imagine the annoyance of trying to do all of this through a bush. I keep mine buzzed short with an electric trimmer. it makes life easier.


All told, I am in love with my Diva Cup. I am free from scratchy, smelly, bad-for-my-body products. I’m not throwing tons of stuff away anymore. I only have to remember my period twice a day. I can sleep nude again during my cycle. I can do yoga without worrying about leaks. I feel cleaner. I feel more comfortable. Buying a menstrual cup was such a smart choice. Maybe there is such a thing as a happy period after all.

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