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How to Use Tarot Cards for Daily Guidance

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Tarot cards can be a great tool for knowing what’s going on in your life. This article will teach you how to use them for daily guidance. Please be aware that this is just one of many ways to use tarot cards. There is no “right way” to do it. Everyone is different. What’s most important is that whatever method you choose feels good for you.

Get a good set of tarot cards that you really like. You should like the imagery on the cards, and they should feel good in your hands.

Get a book or go online to get a listing of meanings for all the cards. Go with a book or site that has meanings for a “standard” set. The imagery may be different on your deck, but the meanings will be the same.

Have a table or space available where you can draw your card, and if possible, leave it out so you can see it and think about it through the day.

Sit or kneel in front of the table, and take the full deck in your hands. As you hold the deck, remove distractions from your mind and think of the question “What is my guidance for today?”

Keep the question in your mind as you shuffle the deck. You should shuffle the cards, and twist them as well. Shuffle, then take the deck, split it into thirds, turn one third upside down, then shuffle together again. I do 3 shuffles and 3 twists each day to ensure a random card.

After you complete your shuffling and turning, with the question still in your mind, place the deck on the table, cut the deck to the left, and draw the card from the right-hand pile. Flip the card to the right so it is face up. This is your card for the day. Return the rest to their box and set them aside.

Find the meaning of your card. If your card is inverted (upside down) it may represent a waiting period, or that something is holding you back from achieving the meaning of the card. Don’t get worried about inverted cards though, they are not immediately negative as some people think.

Look at the card for a while, and think about the meaning. Either something will happen during the day that relates to the card, or the card may be warning you of something to look for or not do. As you get better, you will begin to understand how the cards relate to you.

Each day, return the previous day’s card to the center of the deck, and repeat the process to get a new card.

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