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How To Rock Your Personal Style Of Magick

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You Don’t Have To Practice Magick Like Anyone Else

It’s not uncommon for new (or even seasoned) witches to think that there are hard rules for practicing magick, and that there’s a right and a wrong way. The truth is, there aren’t that many rules, and there’s plenty of room for individuality. Unless you’re in a very strict coven or following a specific tradition, you don’t have to practice magick the way that anyone else does. You’re free to learn as you go, experiment, and find a way of doing things that feels right in your heart and works best for you.

The Universe Loves Your Magick

You may not realize this, but the universe is going to love your personal magick. When you make something your own and do it from the heart, it’s going to be powerful and beautiful. Going through the motions without feeling gets poor results, makes you unhappy, and doesn’t create a strong bond with the universal energies. When you dig deep and do what truly makes your heart sing, the universe is going to love it, and reward you for it. 

Your Magick Is Your Own

Every one of us is an individual, so it makes sense that our magick is too. How many things do you do in exactly the same way as someone else? Probably not many. Over the years you’ve put your own flair into every activity, from brushing your teeth to doing your job. Some of your tweaks might be a matter of necessity, others will just be how you like to get things done. You magick is, and should be, the same. 

It’s important to bring your true self into your spiritual workings. If you’re just robotically reenacting what others have done before you, you’re not putting all of yourself into it. If you’re not putting your full self into your magick, you’re not going to get full results out of it. 

It can be scary to find your own way, but you really should. When you embrace what works for you, the results are so much better.

Personalized Magick Is More Powerful

You may have been told that you’ll get the best results from a spell if you do it exactly like it’s been done in the past. That’s not actually true. If you’re not really feeling it, if you’re just going through the motions, you’re going to get poorer results (if any) than you would if you really had an emotional connection to it.

If the words of a spell bore you, try singing them. If song and music bring you joy or tap into a needed emotion, use that. Maybe you’re “supposed” to stand still during a ritual, but you feel like dancing. Do it! You can raise a lot more energy! If the smell of certain herbs sickens you, find an alternative that you like. Every time you personalize something, you’re strengthening your connection to the work, to your inner self, and to the forces that make your magick work. 

One of the best things you can do in a lot of cases is to just make your own spells and rituals. Read and learn about what’s out there, then sit quietly and think about what feels right for you. You’ll know when you’ve got the right ideas, and then you can make up a spell or ritual that is going to be just the right thing for you and your desired outcome. Personalized spells can be incredibly successful once you know what you’re doing.

There’s No Real Right Way

With very few exceptions, there’s really no right or wrong way to use magick. Obviously you want to use good judgement and try not to hurt yourself or others, but in terms of the practices themselves, there is far more freedom than some folks would lead you to believe. I touched on this subject in a past post: 50 Common Pagan Myths – 29 – You Have To Do What Others Do.  As you learn and grow, you’ll know what steps and tools are needed and what ones aren’t, and you’ll know if something is just completely wrong, or only a matter of opinion.

Be Confident In Your Choices

In my opinion, the “right way” to do magick is to do what feels right. If you’re rather use yellow for a luck spell than green, do it. If you want to cleanse with cedar instead of sage, do it. If you want to dance and laugh during a ritual, do it. Do what’s in your heart. Do what resonates with you. Learn who you truly are, and bring that into every aspect of your spirituality. There will always be people who tell you it’s wrong, some to the point that they’ll tear you down for not doing things their way. You just have to learn to ignore them and be confident doing what you do. If you’re open to learning and respectful of others, they should be the same. In the end, it’s your life and your magick, not anyone else’s.

Are you comfortable personalizing your magick? Do you have ideas or questions? Feel free to share them with us.

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