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How to Make Your Own Healing Stones

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If you’re suffering from an ailment, an emotional issue, or ongoing pain, healing stones can be a great item to have to aid in both physical and spiritual healing.

Healing stones are quite easy to make. You can either get tumbled rocks (if you have the patience you can collect rounded river stones) or buy tumbled gemstones. You’ll want stones that are 1-2 inches in size. They should be small enough to hold a few in your hand but not too small. I recommend having a dozen or more to use over the course of a few days or weeks for best results.

Tumbled rocks are just fine for this purpose, and they’re typically the cheapest option. If you go for gemstones, hematite, quartz, jade and amethyst are all good choices. Gemstones can be more powerful than rocks due to their energy alignments, but never feel obligated to buy expensive items. Your intention means more than anything, certain stones will simply boost the power of your healing work.

You’ll want to cleanse your stones prior to use. Running them under clear water and designating them for healing use is the simplest way, or you can use a cleansing and consecrating ritual, depending on your tradition. After your stones are cleansed, I suggest keeping them in a bag made of black, white or purple fabric. Black symbolizes balance and protection, white is for health and purity, and purple represents magick and the flow of physical and spiritual energy.

In addition to your storage bag, you’ll want a container to put your stones in after use. Any opaque container will work for this purpose. Personally, I put salt into the bottom of the container, since salt purifies and will help to remove the illness or negative energy from the stones after use. Don’t put used stones back in with the unused ones. You’ll be using each stone for one healing session, then place it in another container for cleansing, before fully cleansing them all to be used again.

Each day, take one of the stones and either hold it in your hands or place it onto an affected area of your body. Imagine the unwanted emotion or ailment transferring out of your body and into the stone. You may feel a tingling sensation or a change in temperature as this happens. Take as much time as you need to visualize the energy moving out of you and into the stone. Once you feel that you have moved the energy away from yourself, take the stone and place it into your cleansing container. Repeat the process each day until you feel that the problem has been addressed, or you run out of stones.

When you’re ready, move the stones around in the salt, then pour the salt off outdoors. This will release the unwanted energies well away from you. At this time you will cleanse the stones again and return them to their storage bag. If you need to, you can continue the process, or just keep them in storage until you need them again.

It’s important that you never allow anyone to touch your healing stones. Like any other magickal tool, they can pick up other people’s energies, and that could have a negative effect. If you want to do healing for someone else, have a separate set of stones for that purpose.

Depending on your issue, one round of healing stone treatment may be enough, or you may have to continue the process for an extended period of time. Every individual is different, and you’ll get a feel for how well the process works for you as you practice it more.

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