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How to Find Goth Home Decor Items

Bat Candle Silver Halloween - © Briana Blair
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Bat Candle Silver Halloween - © Briana Blair

I can’t find any cool Goth home-décor items locally, any suggestions? Ah, yes, I have suggestions. All you have to do is be crafty.

It can be really hard to find nice gothy stuff to decorate your house with, especially if you don’t have the kind of money it takes to buy from specialty stores. But, there’s a simple solution, which works as long as you’re not in a horridly isolated area.

What you do is, go to yard sales and flea markets, or places like GoodWill. Look for things you like the shape of. For example, you want some neat goth candelabras. Well, you find something that has the right basic shape and style, regardless of how ugly the color is. You take it home and decorate it yourself. You can use black spray paint as a base, use a sponge and some silver acrylic paint to get a neat marbled look, or maybe sprinkle some fine glitter over the surface as it’s drying, then seal with spray-on clear coat. You can glue on various trinkets, or use dangly beads and bits of wire to make accents. Now, apply this idea to all sorts of things. I found this great old wood desk once, it was a great style, but all banged up and stained, but it was dirt-cheap. I took it home, sanded the rough spots, and went to town with the black spray-paint. I replaced the plain drawer knobs with cool ones from the hardware store that cost about 2 bucks. It was gorgeous in the end.

Also, never underestimate the power of fabric. You can go to WalMart or a local craft store and get remnants, and drape them over furniture, turn them into pillows, or buy a few yards and turn them into curtains. (And no, that’s not much work. If you can make 2 hems, you can make basic curtains.) You can also find remnants of cord and ribbon that can make great accents for lamps, curtains, drawer handles or whatever.

Oh, and don’t forget the dollar stores right after Halloween. You can get all kinds of stuff really cheap. Even regular stores have massive discounts. Used right, even the cheap “junk” can be made to look cool. Look at costumes too, you might be able to use them in unique ways, like using a little kid’s witch skirt as a lamp shade cover.

Keep your eyes peeled. With a little creativity, you can turn everyday junk into great goth home-décor.

Briana Blair

Briana Blair

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