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How to Be Prepared for a Storm Emergency

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No matter where you live, storm emergencies can happen. Make sure you’re prepared for power outages and natural disasters by reading the steps in this article.

  1. Keep bottled water in your home. You should have some for drinking, and some in jugs for bathing and flushing the toilet in the event that you have no water.
  2. Keep flashlights and batteries. You’ll need something portable if you lose power or need to go outside after dark.
  3. Have candles and matches ready for setting around when the power is out.
  4. Have warm blankets and quilts available in case you lose power in the winter.
  5. If you have a cell phone, keep it charged in case your land line goes out. You may want to keep a prepaid phone on hand just for emergencies if you don’t have a cell phone for daily use.
  6. Keep a list of important numbers (family, utilities and emergency services) in an easily accessible location so you can call for help if you need it.
  7. Have a battery powered or wind-up radio, so you can listen to important news and weather reports while the power is out.
  8. Have canned goods that can be eaten cold, and other edible-from-the-package food items so you will have food when there’s no power.
  9. Keep a shovel and a few other tools in a closet indoors in case you need to dig out from a snow storm or other disaster.
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