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How Can Tarot Hone Your Spiritual Side?

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If you have always felt a magical connection to tarot cards, your need for for greater spiritual connection may be manifesting itself. Research indicates that younger generations are less interested in organized religion than their ancestors, yet hold a powerful interest in all things spiritual. In essence, God – or the powerful life forces that connects all sentient beings – isn’t dead. More and more, however, younger generations are embracing the idea that the key to greater spirituality, begins within the self.

Why is Spirituality so Important?

Some of the world’s greatest thinkers, from Carl Jung to Eckhart Tolle, have stressed the importance that spirituality has in human life, yet it can be incredibly elusive given the stressors and pace of modern life. According to Tolle, “Spirituality is discovering a dimension within yourself that is deeper or higher than the continuous movement of thinking.” When we are in touch with our spirituality, we enjoy a sense of presence, of full attention to the present moment, of connection with the needs and desires we often burry behind cycles of regret (presence in the past) and worry (presence in the future).

Meditation and the Absence of Thought

In order to be in touch with our inner self and discover the aspects of our lives that our standing in the way of spirituality, health and happiness, it is vital to embrace the practise of mindful pursuits. One of these is meditation, whose main aim is to bring the mind to the present moment. Meditation, found in numerous study to lower levels of stress hormone, cortisol and to improve mood, essentially brings the mind to a very alert, aware state in which we free our minds of excessive thought.

Tarot and the Presence of Thought

Meditation is important because it rids the mind of destructive thought patterns and enhances our ability to identify and change aspects of our lives that may be standing in the way of our happiness. Quite to the contrary, tarot involves an active pursuit of mental health and spirituality by encouraging us to think of obstacles in our lives. Through the rich symbolism of the cards, we can identify important changes we need to make so that peace and contentment are less elusive.

Tarot Can Make Life More Meaningful

When you attend a reading in a mindful state, it becomes much easier to understand what the cards are telling you. Take the Star reverse card, which could symbolize general hopelessness. You can use this card to think carefully about your life, about whether or not you are doing something that ignites your passion, about the steps you need to feel like your life has more purpose.

When Anxiety and Worry Take Hold

The nine of swords in tarot represents anxiety, worry, insomnia. Think deeply about this card and try to identify specific burdens that each sword symbolizes. As is the case with meditation, it is okay to feel negative emotions as you ponder on your cards; the key is to allow these emotions to pass over you like a wave, using them to achieve positive change instead of becoming overburdened by problems and stressors.

The new millennium is marked by a deepened interest in spirituality. Today, however, it’s all about finding your path towards a state of universal connection. Meditation, tarot, and yoga are just three activities that can help you improve your psychological health and feel the magnificent force of your energy.

Written by Cassandra Allan

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