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Herbal Healing And Why You Should Use Herbs

Herbs Oil Measure - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay
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Herbs Oil Measure - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

Why herbs are better than prescription medications

Doctors are always happy to hand out pills for what ails you, but rarely offer natural alternatives. However, there are many reasons why an herbal cure might be much better for you.

The Benefits

As times have changed, more and more people are returning to a more natural way of life, including the use of herbs to treat ailments. Long before modern medicine and man-made medications existed, people were taking their cures from the Earth in the form of herbs. We know a lot more now than we did back then, so why is it that more medical professionals aren’t using natural cures?

Herbs have many benefits over engineered chemical medications. For one thing, herbs typically have far fewer side effects, and what side effects they have are far more manageable than those of pharmaceutical products. In many cases slight rash or mild stomach upset are the worst you’ll experience from herbs. On the other hand, many modern medications have more negative and even life-threatening side effects such as nightmares, blood clots, suicidal behavior and even death.

Herbs also have the benefit of being a natural and renewable resource. Even the most exotic herbs can be grown anywhere in proper greenhouse conditions, and many can be grown anywhere at all, including a pot on your own back porch. Because they are natural and renewable, the cost of herbs is typically much less than engineered drugs.

The Troubles

The FDA has suggested that herbs cannot be approved as “drugs” or “medicine” because the amount of beneficial compounds found in any given batch of herbs cannot be accurately determined and regulated. This seems like a poor excuse for limiting our ability to choose between natural treatments and those produced by major pharmaceutical companies. Herbs are currently classified as “supplements”, just like vitamins, and most companies selling herbs are not allowed to place information on the package telling us what it’s for. We have to have the knowledge ourselves, and that information can be hard to come by.

It is proposed by many herbal practitioners and users that the FDA’s refusal to approve herbs as medicine is simply a way to keep more money in the pocket of Big Pharma. Theories aside, many people are being steered away from natural cures, being told that they are “ineffective”, “New Age nonsense” and “quackery”. This is simply not true. Herbs have been used since the early days of man and if anything, we can use them even more effectively and safely now than ever in human history.

My Experience

In my personal experience, I have found herbs and natural alternatives to be far more beneficial to my health that prescribed drugs. When diagnosed with a severe thyroid disorder, I first used prescription medications. These medications had severe side-effects for which I was prescribed more medications. Sick and tired of being sick and tired, I found a certified Naturopath who started me on an herbal regimen. Not only did I have no side effects other than an occasional upset stomach, I became far healthier than I had been on prescription medication. To this day I treat most of my ailments with herbal preparations, and with great success.

I strongly suggest for people to research herbal treatments before resorting to pharmaceuticals. It may be difficult to find a health practitioner in your area who is open to natural treatments, but it is well worth it. If you can’t find a health professional, you can do research on your own. Proper use of herbal treatments can greatly improve health issues, and reduce risk of serious side-effects.

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