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Herbal Hair Tonic To Reverse or Prevent Hair Loss

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In one of my recent articles I was talking about how I have been healing myself. I mentioned that I have addressed each of my symptoms one at a time until they’re gone. One of the issues I used to have was severe hair loss due to my thyroid disorder. DHT buildup causes hair loss in women with thyroid issues, and is also the cause for male baldness.

After extensive research, I came up with a blend of herbs to deal with my hair loss. It worked incredibly well, and after several months of use I was able to slowly decrease my use, then stop. I haven’t had any issue with my hair since then, but if I ever do, I’ll use this blend again.

You’ll need the following dry herbs for this recipe. It’s best if you can get them locally at an herb shop, but if you can’t, you can order many of them online.

Nettle leaf, saw palmetto berry, chamomile, aloe powder, catnip, rosemary, burdock root, lavender

Take all the dry herbs (You’ll need to smash the saw palmetto a bit or buy it powdered) and put them in a piece of fine-weave fabric. It has to be tight enough to keep powders from falling through but open enough to let water pass.

You’ll want about ¼ cup total herbs. You may add a small amount of fragrant herbs/spice to make it smell better. Clove or cinnamon can be good, or rose petal if you like it. Saw palmetto stinks, so you may want something to combat the odor. Tie the herbs up in the fabric.

Take a mason jar and fill it ⅔ with boiling water. Put the pouch of herbs in. Cover the jar. Allow it to steep about 30 minutes, giving the pouch a good squeeze every 10 minutes. Fill another mason jar and repeat the process with the same pouch.

Pour the contents of the jars back and forth to get an even mix. Cap the jars and store in the refrigerator.

When you’re ready to use the tonic, pour about a cup of it into a small squeeze bottle. A fully cleaned mustard or ketchup bottle works great. Allow the mix to reach room temperature naturally, or run the bottle under warm water for a bit.

Slowly squeeze the mix onto your scalp while your hair is dry. Rub it over your entire scalp. Use the entire portion, soaking your hair if needed. Let stand for 10 minutes. You can use a shower cap if you like.

Shampoo as usual. You can condition your hair, but do not condition the roots or rub the conditioner into your scalp. Always rinse your hair in cool or cold water. Before shampooing, use warm water only, not hot. Heat will only cause you more hair loss.

Use the tonic twice per week. The tonic will last in the fridge for up to two weeks. Do not allow the tonic to get warm or it will mold. If you see any mold or slime in the jar, throw it away and make a new batch.

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