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Healthy Supplementation in 2019 and Beyond

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With nearly 90% of Americans not getting enough nutrients from their diets, it is not surprising that the nation spends in excess of $30 billion a year on various dietary supplements.  As a Pagan, it is important to remember that the food you fuel your body and mind with has an immense impact on your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. With supplementation often being a necessity, it is unfortunate that a great number of commercial supplements are riddled with toxins that do more harm than good. Thankfully there are safer, more holistic ways to boost your nutritional intake that will not compromise your health and well-being in any way.

Are there any supplements really worth taking?

At present, the most common nutrient deficiencies in the USA pertain to iron, vitamin D, vitamin B12, and calcium. Although important to your health, Vitamin B is abundant in vegetables, fruits, grains, and nuts making it basically pointless to seek out a supplement that specifically contains them. While a calcium deficiency is common it is better treated by eating and drinking calcium-rich foods than by taking a supplement. Rather spend your money on a quality magnesium supplement as even a balanced diet often fails to meet the daily recommended amount stipulated by the NIH.  A supplement rich in iron and vitamin D can be very beneficial as both seem to be lacking in the Standard American Diet.

Choose your supplements carefully

If you or your healthcare practitioner believe that you are in need of a dietary supplement, it is pivotal to ensure that your pills are as natural as possible. Always read product labels prior to buying anything and be wary if you spot any synthetic chemicals such as dinitrophenol, sibutramine, and sodium hydroxide. Only ever buy vitamins and other enhancements from reputable manufacturers and do some research before parting with any money.  The last thing you want is to sit with a secondary medical condition brought on by the supplements you took to treat the original deficiency.

Nature knows best

Before spending a fortune on supplements, seek out natural sources of the nutrients you are lacking first. A perfect example of this is Biotin which is known to boost nail and hair growth while also promoting radiant-looking skin. While there are countless Biotin dietary enhancements on the market, a cup of homemade bone-broth remains a better choice. The same logic applies to both echinacea and ginseng which are commonly used and often found in unregulated supplements. If you are looking to reap the health benefits of either of these compounds without ingesting any toxins, opt for a cup of two of freshly-brewed echinacea or ginseng tea – the way Mother Nature intended you to have it.

A lot of modern-day Pagan paths inspire stewardship with the earth while also denouncing any toxins that may be detrimental to our health and well-being. Where possible, use your diet to supply your mind and body with the required fuel and where supplements can’t be avoided, ensure that they are free of any harmful chemicals.

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