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The Health – Wealth – Magic Mantra

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Yesterday I mentioned that I use a daily mantra of “Health – Wealth – Magic” and I explained the wealth part of that. Today I’m going to elaborate on the magic part.

Now, odd as it may sound, I do believe in magic. Yes, the spells and powers kind of magic (sort of). I have seen some evidence of it, and I believe that with enough faith and practice people can reconnect with that natural part of ourselves. Yes, I believe that magic is natural, and something everyone has access to.

My beliefs of magic and the ultimate power differ from most, but I’m okay with that. We all have our own idea of truth. For me, the reason I include magic in my mantra is because I believe it is a part of nature and god, and it’s something I want to be more connected to. I believe that we can all access it, we simply need to believe in it and tap into it.

Of course, what I think magic is and does is also different. I think self-healing or healing others is a kind of magic. I think having unwavering faith is magic. I believe that shifting one’s life from poverty or illness or a sick mind to health and vitality is magic. I want that in my life. We believe in so much as children, but that faith and joy in the unknown and the unlimited possibility is stripped from us as we “grow up”. I think we should all try to stay connected to it no matter what it takes.

The magic I ask for in my mantra also extends to the general magic of life. Love, happiness, nature, laughter, good luck, and all the blissful, wonderful things and experiences that can come into our lives. Living a magical life encompasses so much. It’s faith and joy and believing the unbelievable, attaining the unattainable and accepting nothing as impossible.

Of course, I do believe that we have the ability to “perform magic” too. We can change ourselves and the world with enough will and belief. So this word in my mantra is very meaningful and very powerful to me.

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Briana Blair

Briana Blair

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