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Have You Experienced Spiritual Healing?

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Posted by / August 10, 2012 / 1 Comments

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I have been sick for a large portion of my life. Lacking the money for medical care, I’ve been looking for other ways to become healthy. I’ve tried herbalism with some success, but it no longer seems to be a good fit for dealing with my issues. Over the years I’ve also been looking into more spiritual methods for healing.

I’m still not very good with meditation, but I have found mantras that are giving me some relief from localized pain. I haven’t mastered overall pain relief or actual health improvement, but I do believe that it’s possible. I’d really love to talk to someone that has actually achieved spiritual healing.

I’ve read and seen stories of people who walked after being told they never would, cured cancer and other ailments, purely through faith and spiritual practice. If they can do it, I know I can too. I have personal proof that I can negate localized pain, so I know I’m already on my way. Unfortunately, I’m not sure where to go from here. I have my own ideas, and I’m going to follow my instincts, but it would be wonderful to talk to people who have actually experienced dramatic healing through faith practices.

I’m willing to talk to anyone, regardless of faith, so long as you’re not trying to convert me. I respect all faiths, and I know that learning from various paths can bring great knowledge. I find the use of Buddhist mantras most effective personally, so I will be most interested in anyone who has used that method, but any faith or practice that has given you results is of interest to me. I’d like to learn about the methods you employed to achieve your healing. The more I learn the more likely it is that I can find methods that will work for me.

It’s up to you whether you want to share your story and methods publicly in a comment or send them to me privately via the contact form. If the method(s) you used are documented on the internet, feel free to leave me the link(s). I really want to become fully healthy and I do believe that I can. Any help anyone can offer is greatly appreciated.

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    Briana, You have entered my world with that question! I was raised in Christian Science and the entire religion was dedicated to spiritual healing. My family and I experienced many healings, my father’s crushed finger, my mothers Hepatitis C, all without medication of any kind. As I matured, I left the “religion” but the spiritual principles that I have in my heart, I own these forever. Please check Mary Baker Eddy (the founder) and Science and Health (her book) on Google to see what you think and I am available for questions. Between my Christian Science background and training in Reiki, Pranic Healing and 10 more modalities, I have learned that the mind is the source of the problem and the answer as well. Blessings my friend, Todd Puntolillo – Author “Yours-A Rich, Full Life!”

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