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The Good Witch’s Destiny Coming Soon!

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Image: Sticker from

I absolutely love the Good Witch movies, and I’m so excited to see that there’s going to be another installment in the series this year. I like Catherine Bell, and I’ve been hooked on this series ever since I saw the first one several years ago.

The series contains several movies: The Good Witch (2008), The Good Witch’s Garden (2009), The Good Witch’s Gift (2010), The Good Witch’s Family (2011), The Good Witch’s Charm (2012) and now the new installment which will air on Hallmark on October 26, 2013, The Good Witch’s Destiny.

I love the main character, played by Bell, Cassandra Nightingale. She’s such a wonderful woman, and I liked her right from the start. As the movies progress, you just fall in love with her and her family. A lot of movies about witches and good witches especially, are done poorly, but this series is really good.

I look forward to these movies every year. It’s one of my must-see things near Halloween. I actually want to own the whole series. Whenever I watch these movies I feel so positive and happy and like magic is a real thing that we could all have. I do actually believe in magic, and every year The Good Witch reaffirms my feelings and gives me a boost of happiness, love and mystic coolness.

Catherine Bell really shines as Cassandra, and I can’t help wishing I had someone like that in my real life. She’s just be the greatest person to know. I guess that means the writers did a good job and her acting makes it better. I think any town would be better with a Cassandra Nightingale or two in it.

If you’ve never seen any of the movies, I highly recommend checking Lifetime to see if they’re replaying them. Usually they run a marathon the day before or the day of the new movie, so you can catch up on the whole story. If not, you could buy them. If you like fun, sweetness and a touch of magic and hope, these movies are for you. And they’re great for the whole family. We usually gather around the TV as a family here with the guys included to watch these each year.

Briana Blair

Briana Blair

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