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Why is Doing Good So Hard?

Posted by / December 30, 2013 / 1 Comments

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Being the kind of person that I am, I always want to help people, and I’m constantly looking for more ways to do good for others. Unfortunately, it seems that our society has been arranging itself in such a way that doing charitable work is becoming harder than ever, and is something that seems to only be accessible to certain individuals.

There have been several times I’ve thought about donating food, but there are issues. No one takes fresh food, which doesn’t make much sense, since it’s healthy. The nearest food bank is in another town and I can never get in touch with them to find out if they take personal donations. I can never reach anyone at the local churches to see if they take food and give it to the needy. The grocery stores only collect food once a year, and only canned goods. I don’t understand why things aren’t set up so that I could donate food to any church or to other locations easily. If I want to give, it should be easy to do so.

I thought about giving directly to a soup kitchen. Unfortunately there’s only one that I can find in my area, it’s only open for three hours a day, two days a week, and they don’t take direct donations. Like most other places, they’ve been impossible to reach by phone for more information.

Most charities want money, but it has to be specific amounts. Apparently my dollar or two isn’t good enough. If you can’t give $20 or more, and usually make a monthly commitment, they’re not interested. If you really are fighting for a cause, I’d think that every single penny would count and you’d be glad to have it.

I’ve tried to find events doing good for the community, and it’s rare to find anything. When there is something it seems to be limited to people from some specific religion or interest group, and not open to the general public to get in on. If you really care about the community, shouldn’t everyone be welcome to get involved?

Opportunities for the average person to do good are few and far between. You’d think it would be easier, and that people would be more welcoming of those who want to help others, but it doesn’t work out that way. It’s getting to the point where so-called charity work is something only accessible to special interest groups, members of a religion and the wealthy. Believe it or not, there are those of us who aren’t well off who still want to help those less fortunate than us. It shouldn’t be some major challenge to do that.

I’m still trying to find ways that I can give and help. Hopefully I’ll figure something out. Do you find that doing good in your area has been made difficult? Do you think about giving and doing for those less fortunate?

Briana Blair

Briana Blair

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    Eric Peacock

    It really should be simpler to do good. Why do they make it so fraught with obstacles?

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