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Generics and Off Brands Can be Great

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Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

It has always baffled me that there are people who absolutely refuse to buy “off-brand” or generic goods. Most of the time they’re a lot less expensive, and often they’re just as good as or better than the name brand products.

We buy a lot of generic and unknown brand products. As a matter of fact, we tend to look for them. Why spend a lot just for a brand name? People get the idea into their heads that if something has a brand name you know and costs more that makes it a better product, but that’s not always true. In my experience, the lesser-known brands can be just as good or better.

I plan on writing an article about the off-brand mineral makeup I buy because it’s less than half the cost of the famous brand and it works great. I’ve written about the Genius graphic tablet I bought that’s a fraction of the cost of a Wacom and works really well. I have a brand name keyboard that’s better than the same kind in Microsoft brand. I had a Coby MP3 player and liked it far better than the iPods I’d seen. When it comes to household goods like sandwich bags and cleaners, we always buy the generics.

There’s nothing wrong with or shameful in buying something that’s not a famous brand. The brand name doesn’t always make the product better, and it doesn’t make you cool or special. Often, it just costs more, and that’s it. There are a few things where we have brands we trust and will only buy that one kind of product, but it’s rare.

With a little research and reading some reviews you can usually find “knock-off” or generic versions of just about everything. The money you save will let you have or do other things. If you’re not careful you may get ripped off, but it’s not all that hard to find lower-priced products that are just as good as or better than the big brands.

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