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Gay Marriage Becomes Legal and The Zealots Go Nuts

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Couples gay straight men women peopleI was happy to see the news that gay marriage became legal. I think that’s a great thing. If human beings who are of legal age and love each other want to get connected by paperwork, they should have the right to do it. I have never understood why it hasn’t always been legal for everyone. Unfortunately, as soon as the news hit, the religious zealots started going crazy and they’re trying to get it overturned.

To me, this is stupid beyond belief. If you don’t like gays, well, you’re stupid, because they’re just people like everyone else. Really though, if you’re not into their lifestyle, then don’t be part of it. You have all the right in the world to not associate with them, not go to their places of business, not engage in homosexual activities, and generally stay out of it altogether. You do not, and should never, have the right to do anything that imposes on their way of life, especially not under some ridiculous guise of religious freedom.

Religious freedom means you get to practice what you believe in, it doesn’t mean that you get to be a bigoted asshole and use the law to cover your hateful behavior. If you don’t believe that gay people should marry, well that’s just too bad. Don’t go to their weddings, okay? It’s insane to think that anyone believes that it is their religious right to take action against people who do things they don’t like that ruins those people’s lives or takes away their rights. Gay people are just people, and all people should have the same rights.

I’m really getting sick of all the hate in the world. What’s the big deal anyway? So, two men or two women have sex. Big whooptie! At least they’re having sex. And if they’re getting married it means they’re in love and in a committed relationship rather than out screwing around. These are good things. Oh my god, but then they might have kids! Again, not a problem in my book. At least a gay couple isn’t going to get accidentally pregnant and have a kid that they don’t want and don’t take good care of because they didn’t think about it before they had one.

I think these religious folks need to pull the sticks out of their asses, get laid, and leave other people the hell alone. Let others live their lives and you live yours. Honestly, if they put half as much energy into living their own lives right instead of sticking their noses into everyone else’s, they’d be a lot happier and the world would be a better place. Just let go of the hate. Try loving each other and being better to each other instead of trying to force your point of view on the world. i hate to say it to all of you zealots out there, but anyone who preaches hate and discrimination every day of their lives cannot possibly have the right answers on how to run the world.

Briana Blair

Briana Blair

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