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Gardening for the Financially or Spatially Challenged

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potted plant
Posted by / August 11, 2014 / 0 Comments

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potted plantThat means poor or living in a teeny tiny apartment in case you didn’t get it. So you want to grow some herbs or veggies but you think you can’t eh? I’m here to teach you otherwise. Pull up a seat and listen to the king of improvisation (that’s me).

You know all those two liter bottles that litter roadsides? Cut them in half, and punch a few holes in the bottom for drainage. Viola! Instant plant pots!

You like onions or scallions? They grow everywhere, just dig a few up and plant them in your two liter pots!  You’d be surprised how many tasty plants grow nearby you, take a walk in your local park and look around. See a beautiful garden in a neighbor’s yard? Try asking them for some seeds or seedlings. Most people love talking about their hobbies, gardeners are no exception.

I went into this in my Zombie Apocalypse guide, but to re-iterate you can make vegetables root by partially submerging them in water. After they root, plant them in the ground or one of your pots and watch them grow.

Now you can’t say that gardening is out of your reach. Visit your local library and find out what grows well in your area and have fun!

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