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Frankenghoul Pinup Ghoul

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frankenghoul wallpaper
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frankenghoul wallpaper

The first Pinup Ghoul, Frankenghoul almost didn’t make it online at all. I was working on her, getting skin tones and details painted on when it occurred to me that I might not be able to put it in our store. Zazzle tends to pull anything that might infringe on copyrights, it’s automatic a lot of the time. I knew that anything with Frankenstein or Frankenbabe (they’re both movies) would get pulled as soon as I put them up so I had to figure out a new way to name her and still somehow let people know that she’s inspired by the old Frankenstein movie with Boris Karloff. She’s all original and all my own work but the name alone would cause me trouble. While I can say whatever I want on our blogs about inspirations and ideas, I can’t at Zazzle. I finally came up with the idea of using the name Frankenghoul for the first one. I’ll probably use the “ghoul” from “Pinup Ghouls” for a lot of their names in the future, since a lot of the ones I have planned are inspired by classic monsters of one kind or another.

Frankenghoul is a modern interpretation of the classic Frankenstein’s monster. I rendered her out in plain black and white and then painted everything on. I had to make two renders so that I could get the ragged look on her miniskirt and the bolts on her neck. I forgot to add the bolts to her neck in my first render and when I tried to paint them on by hand, it was a disaster. I love my Genuis tablet but there are some things I just don’t have the skill to paint on. All of the color on her, her stockings, all the scars and staples, and even her hair were hand painted.

I went with staples instead of stitches because that’s what you see on the old monster, and frankly I think it looks cooler. Much more impact from shiny metal than little black lines. The bolts I made smaller so they might look more like body jewelry than actual bolts. I wanted them to go with the nose piercing and all the other metal on her. Her miniskirt is ragged so that it gives a more classic look, just like the staples. The hand painted stockings were kind of fun to make, I painted them on and just dropped the opacity, then I added the lace on top and erased bits here and there, to get them to match the skirt more. Her make-up is definitely one place where I decided to go with a more modern look. Thanks to some input from my wife, Frankenghoul’s make up looks modern and smooth without being tacky. Frankenghoul is a pin up model, not a slut. The hair is another modern interpretation. I colored it to give a little tribute to the Bride of Frankenstein, but I made it a swept back flat top. All in all, I’m quite pleased with how she turned out and I look forward to the next Pinup Ghoul.

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