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Clean Quinoa With a Whisk and French Press

Have you ever tried quinoa and found it to be bitter? That’s because there’s a natural protective coating on the seeds that makes them taste bad to animals. If you don’t get that off before you eat it, it’s pretty nasty. Cleaning quinoa can be a real pain. I used

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How to Reduce the Cost of Your Grocery Bill

Groceries are one of those things that can add up to a big bill really fast. Use these tips to cut your spending and make sure you keep your pantry stocked, even on a tight budget. Buy generic. Store-brand and “off-brand” foods can save you a lot of money, and

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How to Easily Make Food Creepy for Halloween

Simple tips for creating a ghoulish feast Are you looking to create a beastly buffet or scary snacks for Halloween? Here are some tips to make things easy and eerie all at once. I was born on Halloween, and it’s my absolute favorite holiday. It’s a day when the spooks

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Great Inexpensive and Versatile Foods for Budget Eating

Inexpensive, multi-purpose foods Affording food can be hard on a tight budget, but there are some foods that can help your meal money go further. Potatoes Potatoes are a great food to have available. They’re quick, easy and versatile. They can be seasoned in many ways to add variety. Potatoes

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Freezing Food to Save Money

Some tips on freezing food to save money Buying in bulk and freezing food can be a good way to cut down on shopping costs. If you’re living alone, freezing can also help prevent spoilage. What You’ll Need: Freezer bags, permanent marker, freezer labels, wax paper, storage containers Tips: Whenever

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Sharing Meals Can Help You Save Money On Food

Sharing meals as a way to save on food expenses Sharing meals with others can be a great way to reduce the amount of money you spend on food, as well as providing inexpensive entertainment. There are several ways you can go about food sharing to save money in your

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