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Felicia Day’s Haircut Makes News, Fans Horrified

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Posted by / February 7, 2014 / 0 Comments

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I recently wrote an article about how having short hair doesn’t make you a man, and having short hair doesn’t make you less of one. A reader made a comment on that post which prompted me to do some Googling. apparently actress and uber-geek Felicia Day cut her hair. That shouldn’t be news, but it was.

Why was it news? Because she cut it short. She now dons a cute little pixie cut that I happen to think is adorable and suits her face very well. Some other people however, are outraged. One person referred to her haircut as “self-harm” and others have said that they’ll no longer keep up with her vlog, at least not until her hair grows back. Yes, you heard that right, some of her so-called “fans” are abandoning her over a haircut.

Does no one see how incredibly stupid that is? Now, you know I rarely resort to name-calling, but I am getting so sick of this shit. People today are becoming absolutely mindless morons. It blows my mind that there is nothing inside these people’s heads that makes them take a moment and say “Hey, I’m being a total moronic douche. Maybe I should use my brain before I make more of an ass of myself.” But no, the media and Big Religion have done a fantastic job of ripping common sense out of a whole lot of people.

I could literally go on for days about how stupid it is for people to change their opinion of someone because of their looks. I mean really, Felicia Day didn’t become a different person, she just cut her bloody hair! It’s not like she gave herself a lobotomy or anything! So someone cuts their hair or puts on a few pounds or *gasp* wears something that’s “so last season.” Why do you care? Do you not have the sense to realize that appearances can change and means absolutely squat when it comes to what kind of person someone is?

I’ve got to say too, anyone who would stop being interested in a celebrity, or anyone for that matter, because of something as trivial as hair or clothes, must never have cared very much about them in the first place. Obviously their values and priorities are seriously screwed up. Who a person is and what they do is what matters, not their looks. If I disliked everyone who I thought was ugly or had lousy fashion sense I’d be screwed. Luckily, I care more about talent or skill or personality than I do about such subjective nonsense.

Some days I really just want to go out and slap people. Maybe it would be enough of a jolt to make them understand how absolutely idiotic they’re being. The media and religion, man, they’re just destroying people. Both are pushing the sheep mentality and so much judgement. I wonder if half the people out there these days can even try to figure out who a person is without judging and insulting half a dozen things about them first.

I know that there are still good people out there, but more of them need to stand up and push back against what’s happening to society. If no one’s speaking out and standing up, the mind control is going to take over and we’re going to be more screwed than we already are. We need to make it stop, one way or another.

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