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Who is Your Favorite Self Help Or Inspirational Author?

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Image: Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons

Image: Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons

As we go through our path in life to become the best people we can be, it’s common for us to read a great deal on the subject. Some people do it all on their own, but many lean on the expertise of those who’ve gone there before. In the course of all our reading and learning, most of us find certain people that we identify with, people who inspire us more than the rest. I’m curious to know who your favorite self-help and inspirational authors are. Who stands out most for you?


Michael Beckwith was one of the first authors that really stood out for me. When I saw him in The Secret, there was just something about him that I liked. He had a kind face and a voice that was easy to listen to. Something in his personality was warm and inviting. The book shown here, Spiritual Liberation, was the first that I read, and I’m currently reading it a second time. both his writing and his visual presence make him very enjoyable. I like the way he expresses things. He does have a tendency to ramble in his books, so you may need to read a section over again to keep up with his train of thought, but he expresses things so beautifully, I’ve often been able to really see things as he describes them. If you’ve ever seen one of his videos, you’ll recognize the same enthusiasm and kindness in his writing.

I actually had the honor of communicating with Rev. Beckwith several years ago. I was in a severe depression and contemplating suicide. On a whim I contacted him, and he responded. He sent me his Life Visioning Kit as well as other books and DVDS and wrote to me a few times. If not for his words and the gifts he sent me, I don’t think I would have come through that time so quickly. I suppose this gives me somewhat of a bias, but even objectively speaking I highly recommend his material.


Wayne Dyer is easily my second favorite author in the self-help field. Excuses Begone was the first piece of his that I encountered, and it was just the perfect book at the perfect time. Wayne Dyer’s way of writing is easy to follow and he knows how to get the reader emotionally involved. I’m currently reading The Power of Intention, and at less than halfway in I’ve already cried twice and laughed several times. He draws on so many spiritual traditions, I doubt anyone would feel left out. I also enjoy his videos, and found The Shift to be one of my favorites.


Esther Hicks gets an honorable mention among my favorites, even though I haven’t read any of her books yet. I’ve watched several of her seminars and listened to some of her audio books. I find that when I’m really struggling for an answer to some tough situation, there’s almost always a Hicks video or audio that comes into my life. It’s odd, but true. And speaking of odd, Esther Hicks takes some getting used to. She believes that she channels the spirit of a being called Abraham, and it is Abraham that typically communicates with people. She/it are sometimes funny, sometimes they talk like a speeding train, and sometimes it’s just plain weird. However, if you can get used to her/their style, there are some great messages to be found.

I also find the Dalai Lama to be endlessly inspiring. I haven’t had the pleasure of reading any of his books yet, but I have watched many videos and read from his website and others where his work is available. I do plan on adding some of his books to my collection in the future.

So who are your favorites? What authors or speakers have really changed your life?

Briana Blair

Briana Blair

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