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Fashion Sense: What Would God Wear?

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I have some really strange things run through my head from time to time, and one night I was chatting with someone over the idea of god’s fashion sense. Every faith has different depictions of their god(s) and they tend to have wardrobe suiting the people they’re appearing to. What if they’re getting it wrong? What would god really wear?

I suppose what god might or might not wear would depend largely on whether or not it had or entered into a physical body. If you have real skin and are affected by temperature, comfort becomes really important. Can you imagine god in a parka? But a god probably isn’t affected by such trivial things.

Most likely, any god is just a non-corporeal representation of something way too huge and incomprehensible for us to look at, so it could get away with anything. So I wondered, do the deities of various people actually wear what they’re depicted in in old paintings and tapestries, or did the artists dress them in the attire they thought would be appropriate?

Some of the gods are pretty scantily clad. I’ve seen some African and Egyptian deities that were nearly naked. Asian deities are often layered in kimonos or robes. The Greeks had their togas, and some of the Hindu gods and goddesses are topless (and surprisingly androgynous). Many deities like the Christian ones have simple robes. Some holy spirits are very modestly attired, while others are dripping in gold and jewels.

I wonder, if a deity chooses what it looks like to us, what would it really want to wear? Would it wear what you expect, or something else? Would god keep up with the latest fashion of the region? God may be forever and always, but would they really stick with whatever they’ve been wearing since the beginning of time? Would a male god wear a Giorgio Armani suit? How about a goddess in Vera Wang? Maybe they’d like a Chiso kimono?

Of course, one has to entertain the possibility that given a choice, a god might go au naturel. Being nude would be a lot easier. I suppose that might offend some people, but I’m pretty sure god wants you to love your body, and nude is the most natural state.

I suppose when it comes down to it, a deity probably wears whatever we think they’re wearing. We see what our minds can handle and what pleases us. God probably doesn’t care. If I believed that Aphrodite wore a corset and stilettos, then that’s most likely what I’d see. Gods probably look the way they do because that’s what people thought back in the days that the renditions were made. People like consistency and tradition, so unlike everything else, the gods never got makeovers.

I will say that it’s quite entertaining to go browsing around DeviantArt and see modern artistic renderings of various gods. Some update their physical appearance, some change their wardrobe, and some just tweak the old standards to show more detail. It’s pretty cool to see what runs through some people’s minds when they think of various deities. As for what god(s) really wear, the world may never know.


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Briana Blair

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