FAQ - BrianaDragon Creations

Here are some of the questions that we are frequently asked, and our answers. If you have any questions that aren’t answered here, feel free to contact us.


    • Are all of your items handcrafted?

      • Almost all of them, yes. Everything in our shop has had a hands-on experience, in one way or another. The vast majority of our products are crafted by hand, with hand tools, and limited use of small power tools (Dremel, etc.) All of the books are written by me (Briana), so that’s hand-crafting of a sort. A scant few items in the shop, like the mesquite thorns for example, aren’t handmade, but they are collected by hand from nature.
    • Are the items here child/pet friendly?

      • Generally speaking, no. The jewelry here is intended for adults or responsible teens but is not intended for children. Many of our pieces are delicate and will not stand up to rough use. Children and pets should not be allowed near most items unattended as they may present a choking hazard or cause sickness. (Our herb products are not intended for consumption.) Even our doll items are intended for collectors, not children, and may not stand up to playful use. Unless otherwise specified, please assume that our items are for responsible adult use only.
    • Are your items really made with Phoenix feathers or other mystical elements?

      • No. Our descriptions are intended to be fanciful and engaging, but we don’t really use mythical animal parts or fairy laborers. The actual components used in each piece are listed at the bottom of the product information.
    • Will the magical properties of your items really work for me?

      • We make no guarantees when it comes to the magical effectiveness of our items. We truly hope that a piece will bring you the intended results, but as with all magic, it’s the intention and belief of the owner that really determines whether it works or not.
    • What forms of payment do you accept?

      • Currently we only accept PayPal and check, but we hope to have other options in the future. You can pay through PayPal without having a previously established account.
    • How do you ship items and how long does it take?

      • We use USPS standard or Priority for all items.
      • We currently ship within 7 days or less of receiving your order.
      • Standard US mail packages typically arrive in 5-10 working days, Priority US packages arrive in 3-5 business days.

    • Does earring length include the length of the earwires?

      • Yes. Earring length is measured from where it would set in the piercing, all the way down to the bottom.
    • How should I read the measurements on jewelry?

      • Earrings: L = length from top of earwire to bottom of earring. W = side to side on flat earrings, front to back on bulky earrings. H = thickness.
      • Necklaces, chokers and bracelets: L = distance around, usually from one side of the clasp around the neck to the other side. W = from top to bottom at the tallest point
    • I see a necklace or bracelet I like but it’s not my size. Can you resize it?

      • If the item can be resized, there will be a notice under the size. Small increases will be done at no extra charge, large increases will cost extra. Please contact us first. We can’t make items smaller.
    • Are your items hypoallergenic?

      • Some elements are, some aren’t. Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that our items are hypoallergenic in their entirety. Please read the materials list at the bottom of the product entry to see if there are any parts you might have an adverse reaction to.
    • Why does this item look old/worn?

      • Some of the items here have been given an aged look as part of the design. I feel that sometimes a piece is better when it looks like a reclaimed artifact instead of a shiny new bauble. Please be sure to take a good look at all photos to decide if this aesthetic is right for you.
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