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Why Fallout 3 is Superior to Skyrim – part one

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Posted by / March 1, 2013 / 4 Comments

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Skyrim is without a doubt one of the greatest RPGs ever made so why would I make such a ludicrous claim?

I have played a ton of RPGs over the years and they all have problems or “features” that I don’t agree with or like. Skyrim has a flaw that makes me want to pull out my hair. I can’t stand when playing an RPG almost requires a walkthrough.

Skyrim is designed to encourage exploration , yet the game is built to punish exploration. In Skyrim there are many, many dungeons and ruins that have a quest attached to them. If you go to these locations and clear them out you have just broken your game irrevocably. You didn’t know that there would be a quest for it given to you by some obscure person living in a shack in the middle of nowhere so you went there and cleared it. So later you find the aforementioned shack and lo and behold, you now have a quest in your journal that you can NEVER complete. Fun eh?

Fallout-3 on the other hand, is very different. I can wander into or out of any place I want and not worry. If I discover that there is a quest for a place I’ve already been to and cleared out, the quest giver thanks me  for doing it and I get any associated reward and/or XP .



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    I agree with you almost 100%. When I first played Fallout 3 and left hole in the ground…it was amazing. That sense of exploring, whats in that old building…whats down that sewer hole…a creepy looking mansion…hey look…DEATHCLAWS!!! Amazing and the way RPGS should be. Let me explore and take my chances on what I find. Skyrim, is amazing too, but like you said you can break it so easily…I mean come on BETHESDA, what is up with that?! I never got the same wonder from skyrim in that regard. Though fighting dragons, undead, and my favorite moment when that Daedra(cant remember her name, but her voice sure is irritating) who hates undead and brings you up into the sky, was a very cool moment. Loved that, but not the bugs, or errors that could happen by simply going someplace I guess i shouldnt have.

      Eric Peacock

      I must admit that this article is a little old, since Bethesda actually did get around to fixing some of the bugs. Not enough, but they did fix some.

      It was Meridia who throws you into the sky btw.


    Skyrim really did have some annoying bugs, didn’t it? I just never really got into Fallout 3.

      Eric Peacock

      I traded my copy pf Fallout 3 in, and I regret it often. I have New Vegas, but it’s not the same. Too many quest crossovers.

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