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Fall Asleep With Kaleidoscope Color Dreaming

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Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

Some time back I wrote about a mind clearing technique to help you fall asleep. This is another technique that can help you get to sleep, and will also increase your ability to have colorful, interesting dreams.

It’s pretty basic to start off. Just close your eyes, get comfortable, slow your breathing. Then just look past the inside of your eyelids. See into the darkness. You may immediately see images, or you might see black, or you may have splotches of color. Try to only see darkness. You may need to open and close your eyes a few times to accomplish this.

Once you have black space, look for a bit of color. Even in the darkness you will find it. Focus on it, but not too hard. Just become aware of the color. As you do this it will either come into focus or fade away. Just let it do what it does. Find color. Then look into the color. Images will appear from it, or at least shapes and other colors. Focus on it, but not intently. Just be aware of what’s presented to you. Ignore any sound or conscious thought. Lose yourself in the colors and what they have to show you.

At this point you may become so calm you go to sleep. If not, keep your awareness on the colors and shapes. Be aware of the images that arise. Don’t think about them or try to figure them out, just allow them to come and go. I often end up with a beautifully morphing stream of images, like a video kaleidoscope. You can get lost in it. It’s very relaxing.

At any time you can shift your focus to a particular color. As you do, you’ll become more aware of it, it becomes more vivid. As you practice this on a regular basis, your dreams become clearer and more colorful. I sometimes lay in bed and do this, just to see the amazing things that are shown to me. One night I had a stream of beautiful dancing elemental creatures, it was gorgeous. If you’re an artist or writer, this practice can really help with creative visualization.

This technique can also help with nightmares or drama dreams, since you can shift your awareness away from the scene and onto a color, then allow it to shift and flow. If you can find a dark place, you can also do this during the day as a stress reliever.

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