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Every Individual Can Make a Difference

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I mentioned in a previous post that it may be difficult to change the media tide, but it can be done. That got me to thinking about the general mentality that one person is incapable of making a change. The truth of the matter is that every one of us can create change, and we should all do our part to make that happen. Doing nothing only ensures that we have no influence on the ways of the world.

I’ve blogged before about positive social networking, and how important I think it is. People have a tendency to share all that is bad and wrong in the world. We falsely think that we need to make people aware of the atrocities that exist. Trust me, people already know. There’s no need for you to be another voice for the bleakness of society. What you need to do is be a voice for the positive.

What you put out into the world may only have a small impact, but it does have impact. It is possible for one article to change someone’s life or way of thinking. If you’re constantly sharing the positive, you can slowly shift the tide. Others will follow. You need to make a personal effort to not be part of the problem. As each and every one of us takes personal responsibility for what we put out into the world, we become a force for positive change across the board.

Now, it can be difficult to find positive things to share, but it’s worth the effort. For example, you could share an article about some tragedy that hit a city, talking about how bad it was, but people know that already. Instead, find a link to somewhere that’s collecting donations to help the affected. If you can find one, share some image or story of triumph or joy that came out of the event. Instead of sharing horrid, sickening photos of abused animals, share links to places that help abused animals. Share stories of saved pets and those who care for them. Instead of sharing stories of abuse and violence, share stories of recovery, survival, and resources that will bring help and healing.

As you see, you don’t need to sweep reality under the carpet and pretend it’s not there. You can still make people aware, but you’re doing it from a positive perspective. You’re sharing hope and help rather than more depression, sadness and fear. It’s also worth the time to go to sites like Only Positive News, Daily Good and others like them to find positive stories to share from time to time. The more you can uplift people, the more good you will be doing for the world at large.

Do Something Today - Available at Zazzle

Do Something Today – Available at Zazzle

As I said in the previous article, you can also do your part by letting your wallet do the talking. Don’t buy tabloids, don’t watch the news or buy papers that focus on negativity. Don’t buy products by people or companies that promote negative thought or behavior. You can also act in your own personal life. Don’t talk about negative topics. Talk about positive things. Shift conversations when you can. Just as an example, if people get talking about the horrors of animal abuse, shift conversation to the joy of animal rescues and stories of saved animals and abusers brought to justice.

Every little bit you do makes a difference. People will see and experience the shift. It will have an effect on them. As more of us make this shift, others will be brought along with us. We can each send a message to the world that we’re not going to live these lives of media-perpetuated fear, sadness and despair. We know there is good in the world and we want that to be the primary focus. However, if none of us act, thinking that we won’t make enough of a dent, then we will have no right to complain about the state of the world. Do what you can and know that a very least you’re not being part of the problem, and at best you’re part of a sweeping change for good.

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Briana Blair

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