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My Love of Nature and Food

I have a deep respect for nature and all the living things in it. I love to see wild animals run through my yard, and I like to watch the birds. I smile when I see the riot of color in a meadow of wildflowers. I know that each of

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Contemplating the Universe

Have you ever taken the time to contemplate the universe? It’s scope is vast, some say infinite. I must admit, I contemplate the universe on a regular basis. I find the universe to be endlessly fascinating. The breadth and scope of it is breathtaking in the extreme. Is it finite

candy bonbons

Some Days the Candy is Sweeter

Have you ever had a day like that? A day when even something as simple as a piece of candy tastes better for some reason? We all know what a bad day feels like, since they happen all too often in our crappy modern world. But how about good days?

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The Question You Should Always Ask

This post is for all those people out there who know the value of a good question. It’s also aimed like a peanut butter catapult at anyone who has ever uttered the phrase “You can’t do that”. I’ve heard it dozens of times, in multiple different ways. Chances are good

Labels and Accuracy

A lot gets said about the subject of labels and how useful (or not) they are. A lot of people are very fond of saying that they don’t like labels, they scoff at them. And then an hour later they use them to describe other people or themselves. Labels are

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