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Chopped Contestants Cook With Garbage

I watched a really good episode of chopped. They weren’t actually cooking with garbage, but they made the chefs use foods that an untrained person would throw away. The appetizer round was herb stems, overripe tomatoes, fish carcass and pickle juice. The main course round of the competition featured wilted

Have You Ever Wanted to Not Be Human?

We all have our fantasies, and I bet most of you have thought about being something other than human at one time or another. it’s a pretty common thing to think about. Humans are all squishy and weak and mortal, so wouldn’t it be nice to be something else, something

Question The Negativity

There is so much negativity being shown to us in the news and print media. Do you ever really think about it? Do you ever question why those things are what we see all the time? I’ve watched the news and read the magazines, and for every one positive story,

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The News Isn’t Really the News

Many people fail to realize it, but what you see in the news is only a small, biased fraction of what’s going on in the world. There is so much more, and we’re not seeing it. It’s a sad fact that most of the print and media news outlets are

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The No Negativity 24-Hour Challenge

I tried this last year on FaceBook and was met with a lot of opposition, but maybe the world has changed in the last year and it will go better this time. Here’s the challenge: Don’t Post anything negative online for 24 hours. No articles, statuses or shared links anywhere

Wastefulness Justified as Entertainment?

Have you ever seen the advertisements for “Catch It Keep It”? It’s a television show that appears to challenge people to design devices to save things, such as plasma TVs, from being destroyed. While I enjoy the idea of the creative aspect, and building things that protect stuff, I’m disturbed

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