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Eating Right Can Repair Allergies And Illness

Food Chicken Vegetables - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay
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Food Chicken Vegetables - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

A lot of people out there think that the movement to eat healthy food and leave behind the processed foods that we’re so used to is silly, useless or just new-age nonsense. Truth be told, it’s none of those things. Just because processed foods are prevalent and accepted doesn’t mean that they’re good for us. It’s sad that society has turned eating right into something that people feel weird about.

I never thought that eating fresh food and cooking from scratch was weird or a “movement” but for a long time I did think that it was something that a person on a limited budget couldn’t achieve. We live in a really messed up society where processed foods that make us sick are cheaper and easier to obtain that healthy foods. However, if you skip the hype of organic and “health food” options, you can actually eat really well, even on a budget. A smart shopper can get real meat and vegetables at a similar price to the processed foods.

One big thing that modern society doesn’t want you to realize is that if you shift away from processed foods and over to a healthy diet, you can actually become healthier. It makes complete sense, and yet you will see things that try to tell you otherwise. Diet can radically alter your health for the better. Oh, and you don’t have to become a vegan to be healthy either, but that’s an issue for another article.

When I shifted from processed foods to real foods, I admit, it was a bit of a pain. Learning to make all my favorite microwave meals was tricky, and I’d gotten so used to the taste of canned and boxed things that real food tasted odd. I assure you though, it’s a very short transition period, and once you experience how delicious and satisfying fresh foods are, you’ll never go back. Truth be told, I can’t stomach the taste of most processed foods anymore.

Shortly after switching to healthier foods, I started feeling better. Several of my health issues started to diminish. My skin and hair got better, I stopped having heartburn and stomach aches, my gums got healthier and I had more energy. With the help of a naturopath I used to know, I even found that you can learn which foods make you feel good or bad, and really change your health. Thanks to some good information and proper diet, I haven’t been on thyroid medications for about a decade, even though that’s supposedly a condition you have to be medicated for for life.

I also found that the allergies that had plagued me all my life fell away. I was allergic to or very bothered by wheat, shellfish, seaweed, mushrooms and wool. I no longer have any of those issues. I was actually fatally allergic to mushrooms, but I’m not anymore. If you do your research, you’ll find that a healthy diet can actually diminish or eliminate allergies in the body. Sure, you may just grow out of some, but you can hasten the process through healthy eating.

I have long been a supporter of healthy eating, and I will continue to be. It’s important for us to stop buying into society’s idea of quick and dirty foods and go back to eating like we were meant to. Whether you eat an omnivorous, vegetarian or vegan diet, it’s important to eat the most natural foods you can. not only will you be healthier and happier, you’ll be sending a message to the processed food companies that we don’t want their unhealthy products anymore.

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Briana Blair

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