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Could Your Dreams Be Memories or Past Lives?

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Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

All this talk of dreams has got me to thinking once again about some recurring dreams that I used to have. I stopped having them, or new ones related to them, and I think that it’s because I let “reality” get in the way of my belief in the things I was seeing, and I sort of “shut the door” to that part of my mind.

For many years, since childhood really, I had dreams of a particular place and of certain things. I’ve never really shared much of it with the public. I’ve shared with Eric and pulsewave369 , but not many other people. I have my reasons for that, and it means I’m going to be a bit vague here. The point is, I’ve always wondered if those dreams had real meaning.

There were things in the dreams that I would have no way of knowing. I have never been exposed to the information in any way in real life, but there are things I saw in dreams that I could describe with intricate detail. Have I experienced them in an alternate or past life? One has to wonder. There were also real emotions attached to many of the dreams, a connection I rarely ever feel from dreams unless they’re about something that actually happened or could happen.

For the longest time I had absolute faith that these dreams stemmed from a past or alternate life, or at very least, something from that time and place speaking to me. I believed fully that I or some part of me had been in that place and time. I believed that those dreams had great meaning and needed to be understood to bring about something of significance in this life. Part of me still believes, but some other part has been pushing it aside.

Did my dreams really mean something? Were all those years of sights, sounds and feeling something I should have held onto? Have I just shed the fantasies of youth and a sad life, or have I shut off something that is really important? Could it be the Universe speaking to me in some crucial way that I’m no longer listening to, or was it all just the wild imagination of someone wanting a different existence?

I know some people have complete faith in Universal consciousness, past lives and alternate realities and their place in them. Some think it’s all a load of nonsense. I’m not sure anymore, and I don’t like being in that place. I’m not sure how to find out whether I need to open that door back up again, or just keep it closed and move on with my life.

Briana Blair

Briana Blair

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