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What is a Doctor of Metaphysics?

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Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

From Wikipedia: “Metaphysics is a traditional branch of philosophy concerned with explaining the fundamental nature of being and the world that encompasses it. The metaphysician attempts to clarify the fundamental notions by which people understand the world.”

Basically, metaphysics is the study of everything that is not scientifically quantifiable. Spirit, faith, past lives, divination, souls, magic and much more fall under the heading of metaphysics. If science can’t absolutely prove that it does or doesn’t exist, it likely falls into some realm of metaphysics.

Now, unfortunately, having a doctorate in metaphysics doesn’t mean much to a lot of people. Much like having a degree in philosophy or art history, all it means is that you know a lot about the subject. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have any particular skill or talent, just that you have a great deal of knowledge in the specified realm.

So why would anyone say that they’re a Doctor of Metaphysics or Philosophy? Well, it does mean that you have a lot of knowledge in the field. It offers a certain amount of respect in certain circles. For me, I chose to get this degree because it was a field I was very interested and attaining it gave me a sense of accomplishment. It might not help me get a “regular” job, but since I want to go into the field of self-help and personal guidance, it could potentially give me a leg up there. Several of today’s most well-known spiritual teachers have degrees in this field.

Metaphysics is something that I would have pursued even if I couldn’t get a title in it. It’s fascinating and covers so much ground. I admit that my studies have been somewhat lacking in the last few years, but it’s one of many things that I intend to get back to. I do apply the things I know in my writing, my interactions with others, and of course in my own life.

I wish I could explain metaphysics better, several of you have asked what it means. [laughs] it’s pretty bad when you have a hard time explaining your area of expertise. Of course, it’s about like trying to explain religion or quantum physics. Some things are just complicated. If you’re still confused or curious, go do some poking around on the internet, you’ll find lots to keep you busy and make you think.

Briana Blair

Briana Blair

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