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Do You Take Care of Yourself?

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It’s a small but encouraging trend, and one I am glad to see. People seem to be more interested in being good for themselves, instead of believing the crap they get shoved down their throats.

So, are YOU taking care of yourself? Do you give yourself enough rest? Do you eat well, or just rush every meal? These are the  kinds of questions you should be asking yourself.

There are plenty of us who are self-employed, work at home, work from home, etc. Are we getting the breaks and downtime that we would have at a “regular” job? Or are we facing the supposed fact that we have to work all the time to get anywhere? I already talked about that in a previous article. Give it another read if you need to.

Are you hypercritical of yourself? Or can you admit that everyone makes mistakes from time to time? It’s all well and good to try to be the very best you can be but are you pushing too hard for perfection? Perfection only exists in your mind, it isn’t real.

Are you remembering to play? I know it sounds a little odd to some of you, but playtime actually is important. It is especially important for people with jobs that demand creativity. Albert Einstein once said “I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” . Use your imagination, it’s like any skill or muscle, it needs regular use to grow strong.

These are just a few of things you should ask your self when considering whether or not you are being good to yourself. They come with a warning label though. You need to love and care for yourself without slipping into hedonism and narcissism. Like everything else in life, balance is the key to success.



I'm an artist, writer, ordained interfaith minister, veteran, spiritualist, androgyne, and piles of other labels that never seem to fit. I'm following my passion and attempting to make myself and the world a better place. I think that through compassion and understanding we can all become one unified race of human beings, and life is better when you remember to play.

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