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Do Herbal Treatments for Hair Loss Really Work?

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Can herbs help your hair grow back?

As someone who once suffered from hair loss due to hormonal imbalance, I have tried various things to get my hair to grow back. I have found that herbal treatments for hair loss can really work, if you get the right one.

Herbal treatments for hair loss are available at health food stores, herbal retailers, and you can also make them at home. The question most people have is: do they really work? I have found from my personal experience that some do, and some don’t. It seems that in order to get an herbal treatment to work, you need to have one that is formulated for your particular hair loss issue.

When I was 18 I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. Hair loss was one of the symptoms that I had to deal with. I had already lost a great deal of hair, and despite being on medication, it wasn’t growing back. At that time, there was no such thing as Rogaine for women, so I was limited to finding what was already on the market. Being a believer in herbal health, I decided to look for some herbal treatments for hair loss.

I tried a few shampoos and capsules that were available at my local herbal retailer. The shampoo did help a bit, but my hair was not growing back. The capsules I found seemed to do nothing at all. I was very dismayed, since by this time I’d lost about 30% of my hair. Looking for an answer, I consulted my herbal health professional and asked her what she could offer. She told me that she could give me a recipe for my own herbal hair tonic.

I went home with the recipe and brewed it up. The recipe, designed to remove the DHT build-up caused by my thyroid disorder, consisted of the following ingredients: Nettle leaf, chamomile, burdock root, aloe powder, flax seed, saw palmetto, fenugreek and oat straw. I was instructed to brew it and allow it to steep for at least two hours before putting it into a glass mason jar to be stored in the refrigerator. One jar would provide about six treatments.

Once per week I soaked my hair and scalp in the “tea” and covered my head in a plastic shower cap for several hours before normal washing and conditioning. This herbal hair loss treatment was a miracle! I immediately noticed a reduction in the oily DHT buildup on my scalp, and my hair was stronger and fuller. After a few weeks, my hair had grown back noticeably, and it continued to grow back. I discontinued use after my hair had fully regrown.

Years later when I was no longer able to afford my medication and my hair began to fall out again I dug out the recipe and started using it again. It kept my hair growing and my scalp clear. It also kept my hair feeling soft and looking full. I’m incredibly grateful to have found this treatment.

So, do herbal treatments for hair loss really work? I’d say they do. However, I strongly suggest that you find out what the cause of your hair loss is, and then talk to an herbal health professional to have them formulate a combination that is right for you. The problem with many over-the-counter herbal treatments is that they’re targeted to common issues, and may not be targeted to yours. Seek professional assistance in getting a recipe suited to your issue, and I do believe that an herbal hair loss treatment can work for you.

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