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Disagreements On Spiritual Topics Don’t Have To Be A Big Deal

Religious Symbols - Image: Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons
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Religious Symbols - Image: Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons

I recently made a post about using binding spells. I personally believe that they’re wrong. A friend of mine however, had a different view. She thinks they’re fine and not something to worry about. She even commented about it on FaceBook. For some people, a difference of opinion on a religious topic could be a huge mess. It really doesn’t have to be though.

In this instance, She expressed her viewpoint respectfully, I replied, and that was the end of it. No nasty comments, no hate or bashing, just two people presenting their own views on something. We disagree, but it’s not like we suddenly hate each other or are going to stop being friends. We’re both allowed to have our own views and practices. Since nothing that either of us does directly impacts the other, I don’t really see a reason to make a big deal over it. I don’t think she does either.

I have seen little things like that turn into wars though. I have heard of people unfriending others online, sending them hate mail, ending in person relationships, even blacklisting someone among their friends and coworkers. It’s insane. If someone you know, personally or virtually, is a mostly good person who just happens to do a thing or two you don’t approve of, is that really a reason to hate them or not be friends with them? I don’t think it is. Hell, I have friends who do things I find much more offensive than what S and I were discussing, but since I don’t have to be part of it and it doesn’t hurt me or anyone else, I just let it go.

You simply can’t hate everyone who has different spiritual views or practices. It’s stupid, hurtful, and makes the world a really ugly place. I mean, look around and see all the hate and death that comes from people arguing over religious views. It’s fine to have a difference of opinion and maybe a mature discussion with someone about it. It’s fine to not want to be part of certain things. No one should force you into anything, and you shouldn’t force them, but there’s no reason for hating anyone.

To me, unless someone is engaging in an activity that is illegal or hurts a person or animal, I can probably overlook it. Sure, there’s a point when having too many opposing views means there’s no room for a friendship anymore, but if it’s just a couple of differences, it’s not worth making a big deal out of it. If I hated everyone who had different views than mine, I’d have no energy left for anything else. There’s no point in it.

If you realize that there’s a difference of opinion between you and someone else on religion, or any other topic, I implore you to take a breath, and assess whether the situation is really worth fighting over. Can you talk reasonably and respect each other’s views? Is it something you can just walk away from and ignore? Can you maybe learn something from each other? Generally speaking, people hate too much and too quickly over things that, in the grand scheme of things, are really trivial. Even when it comes to faith, which is a core part of our lives, we don’t need to go to war with others who aren’t like us.

Briana Blair

Briana Blair

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