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Dirty Stash Organic Coconut Body Lotion Review

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Image: Organic Lotion by Dirty Stash, used with permission from Georgia Carter

Image: Organic Lotion by Dirty Stash, used with permission from Georgia Carter

Here we go with another stash review! Can you tell I love this stuff? This time I’m reviewing the Organic Coconut Hand & Body Lotion Pick a scent.

I have tried tons of lotions over the years, even some really expensive brands. One of three things usually happens: 1) it leaves me feeling greasy, 2) it leaves me feeling dry 3) it clogs my skin and I break out. Stash’s lotion is the first one ever to give me none of those issues.

The lotion has a great scent (I chose plain coconut) that’s not too heavy. It soaks in nicely and makes me feel super soft. I thought the 8 oz. size would be too small, but the lotion spreads well and one squirt does my whole leg. So far it hasn’t bothered my skin at all, as a matter of fact, it seems improved. I have even put it on my face without issue, and I have *never* found a lotion that didn’t give me zits if I put it on my face.

I’m so glad Georgia told me about this lotion. I had asked if she could tweak one of her other lotions because I was worried about the high comedogenic rating of some of the oils in it. Instead, she offered this option, which has gentle, 0-1 rated ingredients. (0 is non-skin clogging, 5 is very skin clogging) I’m totally in love with it.

So, another impressive product from Dirty Stash, and another instance of Georgia providing great customer service and making a customer happy. Over time I have a feeling I’ll be sampling a lot of her products. When I do, I’ll be sure to write reviews.

*Note* I was not paid or compensated for this review in any way. I’m just a huge fan.

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