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Dirty Stash All Natural Aromatherapy Shower Tabs Eucalyptus Spearmint Review

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Image: Shower Tablet by Dirty Stash, used with permission from Georgia Carter

Image: Shower Tablet by Dirty Stash, used with permission from Georgia Carter

Yet another Dirty Stash purchase! This is really becoming my go-to place for natural bath and beauty products. When I ordered my toothpaste this time, I also decided to get some of the shower tablets because I’ve been having a lot of sinus problems.

The package comes with four tablets. Unlike the photo, mine were in pretty black and white damask cupcake papers and came in a nice green mesh bag with a green ribbon. They smelled great as soon as I opened the package. It made me want Wrigley’s Spearmint Gum!

Last night I decided to try one out. I peeled off the paper (I’m not sure if I was supposed to) and set it in the back of the shower. I was a little shocked when the water hit it and it started sizzling. Apparently these tablets are made similar to bath bombs, so they fizz when wet. Once I figured that out, all was well.

It only took a few minutes for the tablet to fill the shower with scent. It was enough to be really nice but not overpowering at all. As it fizzed and broke down it did leave a bit of brown residue in the tub floor, but it rinsed away easily later. When I was done with my shower there was about half of the tab left, which I picked up and put in a cup so it would dry and stop breaking down.

It looks like each tablet will do two showers. That means eight uses from four tablets at a cost of $3.50. I’d say that’s a pretty reasonable price. I like them enough that I’ll likely buy them again. I tend to get stuffy a lot during the winter, so this will be really nice for that. I did feel clearer by the end of the shower, and it was just a really pleasant scent anyway.

Georgia is wonderful about custom orders. If she’s out of the All Natural Aromatherapy Shower Tabs Eucalyptus Spearmint essential oil Sinus Just scroll down and click “Ask a Question” if you want to order some and she’ll probably have them available in a few days. She’s always been awesome about getting whatever I want in stock in under a week.

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