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Dirty Stash Fall Apple Soy Melt Review

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Image: Soy Melt by Dirty Stash, used with permission from Georgia Carter

Image: Soy Melt by Dirty Stash, used with permission from Georgia Carter

In my most recent package from Dirty Stash she included a free sample of her Fall Apple Soy Melts. There were two cubes in a little baggie. I always love getting free samples from her, they’re almost always something great.

I gave the baggie a sniff when I found them in the box and I thought they smelled really good. It was like apples and cream. after cooking last night the house smelled a bit, so I figured it was a great time to test one of the melts.

I don’t own a burner, so I put a small tin pie plate into a candle holder with a tea light in it, then put a ramekin on top with the melt cube in it. It wasn’t pretty, but it worked. It only took a minute for the melt to soften and start releasing scent. Oh my god the house smelled so good! It smelled like apple and cinnamon and cream. It was great!

I burned it in the living room at first, and the scent carried into the kitchen and office, but it wasn’t overpowering, just really nice. Later I moved it into the bedroom. It burned for at least 6 hours. I think the candle went out before the scent was fully gone from the melt. I’m going to have to buy more of these, because they’re fantastic, and I love that it’s not putting dangerous chemicals into the air.

Dirty Stash currently sells the Fall Apple and other scents in a kit with a burner along with a variety of other scents. I want to buy them without the electric burner, so I sent her a message and asked about it. She said I could order these: 3 Bags Soy Cube Melts Clean Herbal and ask for any of the scents available on the other page. I think that’s what I’ll be doing so that I can also try other scents.


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