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Digging Another Book Out of Mothballs

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Posted by / June 24, 2016 / 0 Comments

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Yesterday I posted about how I was digging Mundane Magic out and working on it. I actually have more than 20 sections ready to go. Unfortunately, I didn’t sleep worth a damn last night, so my brain wasn’t really in the creative space today. The good thing is, MM isn’t the only work in progress that I have on my computer.

I have another book that I decided to work on. The Gemstone Magic Correspondences Guide. It’s supposed to be a companion to the Herbal Magic Correspondences Guide. I started it almost a year ago, but a lot of things came up and it got put to the side. Well, I dug it back out today to work on it. It’s in the super early stages, so it requires less of the creative thinking that I need for MM, and more of the organizational thinking. I can do that even when I’m barely awake, so it’s a good thing to work on right now.

It feels good to be making some progress on my writing. It’s been quite a while since I released a new book, and the blog has been quiet during my uninspired times. I guess a few things are taking an upswing right now. The Zazzle shop is doing better, book sales are fair, promoting my old blog posts has been attracting new readers and fresh comments too. Let’s hope that all of this is a sign of more good things to come!

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