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Death Row Gladiators

Monster Masks Demon Face
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Monster Masks Demon FaceMany of you might think I am a happy, shining, sparkly unicorn of goodness who loves everything and everyone. Time to pop that bubble. I’m a decent human being, but I am well aware of how sick this world is.

I had an idea a long time ago, one that I have discussed with many people over the years. I figure with the overcrowding problem in prisons, the prevalence of violence in our society, and the historical effectiveness of corporal punishment, we needed new solutions. Over the years, I have pulled this idea out of it’s closet and thought about it. I believe in treating most convicted prisoners in an ethical fashion. I also know that some convicted felons actually do get rehabilitated in prison. I am well aware that many of the people who are contributing to the overcrowding problem aren’t dangerous, they’re just unlucky. Getting busted for a joint in your pocket is hardly grounds for a decade of imprisonment in my opinion. But what to do with the big problems in our prison system?

In case you aren’t aware, there are some major problems with our whole prison system. Our prison system and system of punishment is rotten to the core. Prisons turn criminals into worse criminals, and can turn the average citizen into a homicidal maniac. Rape, gang violence, and chemical abuse are the norm in many prisons. So what can we do about these problems? The Romans had the answer.

Gladiator combat. That’s right, televised fights to the death. We could start with death row inmates if you’re squeamish. Give them a choice, I’m not a monster. Let them choose whether or not they want to fight. If they lose, well then the state just made some money from the pay-per-view. If they are the winner, then perhaps we could let them have a nicer cell somewhere. The point is, they would be EARNING the privilege of life which they forfeited when they were sentenced to death. Then again I often think that for death row inmates, they shouldn’t be given the choice. Expand the fighting to include other violent criminals and you take care of some of the crowding. Televising it would certainly up the ante on punishment.

What’s your opinion?



I'm an artist, writer, ordained interfaith minister, veteran, spiritualist, androgyne, and piles of other labels that never seem to fit. I'm following my passion and attempting to make myself and the world a better place. I think that through compassion and understanding we can all become one unified race of human beings, and life is better when you remember to play.

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