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The Dangers of Being a Free Thinker

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Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

I mentioned earlier the thing about how being open-minded and trying to get others to think and change is dangerous. Some people think that that’s just another crazy conspiracy theory, but it’s not. There are things that really happen, they just don’t make headline news unless the media can find a way to use it to instill more fear and gain more control.

I’ve read a lot. More than I probably should have. I keep reading, I keep learning, and sometimes it’s scary as hell. People who speak out, people who try to create change, they literally risk their lives every day. maybe they’ll grow to ripe old ages and never come to harm, but the possibility is always there. It’s just one of those things you have to live with once you’re awake.

I’ve read about people who went off the grid and ended up getting raided or arrested. Not for any good reason, but because the government didn’t want them outside of the control zone. Intentional communities have faced issues with the IRS, been raided, been trashed in the news. Not because they did anything wrong, but because the government and media don’t want people out of the loop, living the way people should and leaving the tethers of controlled living behind.

Look at the spiritual and social leaders of the world, the good ones. How many people were drowned out by the media, had their reputations trashed, faced death threats or were murdered? Too many. When people rise up against the system, they take their lives into their own hands. And they do it, with pride. it’s awe inspiring, and pretty damn scary too.

I have no idea if I’ll ever be enlightened enough or popular enough or renowned enough to really worry about any of this, but it’s still there in the back of my mind. I’ve read that the government spies are looking for smaller and smaller cells and individuals now. They’re trying to find people and shut them up before they have a chance to become known and instill real change. Do some reading for yourself, you can find what I’m talking about. Censorship, tracking, it’s not about getting artists their money or stopping terrorists, it’s about keeping people from doing and thinking and waking others up from this false reality.

Briana Blair

Briana Blair

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