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Be Yourself But Be Your Best

Society has obviously messed people’s heads up pretty badly. I’ve noticed lately that people seem to treat suggestions of personal improvement and mindful living like it’s some new kind of mind control. They rail against people telling them how to elevate themselves and berate those people for trying to take

What Are We All Here For?

“What are we here for?” Is probably one of the oldest questions of humanity. There are many different beliefs about the purpose of human life. I have my own beliefs in regards to the purpose of our brief human lives. I believe that regardless of race, religion, gender or any

Do Your Dreams Actually Mean Anything?

One of the oldest questions when it comes to the topic of dreams is: do they mean anything? If so, how do you know which ones do, which ones don’t, and what they mean? People have been making quite a bit of money for a long time writing books about

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How to Save Money This Christmas

I just saw an article by Heatherperk called “Tips for Affording Christmas” and it got me to thinking. Christmas is one of those holidays that stresses a lot of people out. It’s become all about the money, and so many people have a tough time figuring out how to afford

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