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Our Perception Colors The World

When we look at the world, we do so through the lenses of our past experiences. If twenty people look at the same course of events, each one will interpret it differently. This effect is why eye witness reports aren’t considered completely reliable. As we go through life, the lens

End The Limiting Self Talk

People have quite a way of holding themselves back. In one breath they cry about all the things that they want for themselves and their lives, all the things and experiences they don’t have, and in the next breath they shoot down any hope they ever had of achieving those

What If Nothing Is Impossible?

A lot of people like to throw around the phrase “that’s impossible”, but have you ever considered the possibility that nothing is impossible? Imagine for a moment the idea that maybe everything is possible. Maybe, just maybe, if we can think it, we can make it happen, and none of

Do Subliminal Messages Really Work?

There has been controversy over this topic for more years than I can recall. Some people absolutely believe in the efficacy of subliminal messages, others think it’s a crock. Some studies have shown that subliminal messages can work and have worked, while others show just the opposite. I’m not sure

It’s Not Okay To Spread Misinformation

One of my connections just wrote a post about fact-checking on FaceBook. In their opinion, people shouldn’t bother because it’s a social site meant for fun. I left a comment, but I thought it was a topic worth expanding on. Now I don’t expect the world to take on my

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