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Sometimes Giving Is A Wonderful Gift

We know someone, and to protect their privacy I’m going to be vague, but we helped them today, and it was such a wonderful feeling. No one in our home is well off, but we still do what we can for others when the need arises. We were all on

Smiley Flower Happy Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

Tell Me What Little Things Make You Happy

In the end, the one thing we’re all searching for is happiness. We may go after wealth or love or success or any number of other things, but really, the thing we’re trying to accomplish is being happy. I think though that sometimes we get so caught up in chasing

Trophy Award - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

What Makes You Amazing? Share And Feel Good

Today’s society has a way of making people feel pretty bad about themselves. We’re taught to compare ourselves to others and only see what we lack rather than what we have. In order to be healthy, happy people, we need to stop measuring ourselves against someone else’s standards, and see

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