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Stop Being So Easily Offended

I’m always encouraging people to be more honest. I really think that people need to stop lying so much. I’ve found one reason among many that causes a lot of people to lie. People are too easily offended. They take everything to heart, and read negativity into plain facts. Or

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Act As If You Affect Everyone

I’m finally noticing a shift in the way people are thinking and behaving, and it’s a good thing. The knowledge that everyone is connected is slowly spreading and reaching more people. I truly believe that we are all connected. My actions not only affect me and the people I directly

Learn To Be More Honest

Unfortunately, honesty is a dying art in this world. We tell “little white lies” every day and think there’s nothing wrong with it. We mislead others with little or no thought to the consequences. We need to get back to honesty. Being honest isn’t always easy. There really is an

Insanity is Subjective

What one person thinks is insane another person thinks is sane. What one person finds abnormal is normal to another. Insanity is merely a matter of perspective in most cases. I’m not talking about the full-on, talking to invisible people, running wild in the streets kind of insanity. I’m talking

Don't Be a Sheep

Start Thinking, Stop Being Sheeple

Sheeple may be one of the biggest problems with the world today. For those who don’t know, sheeple are people who do whatever they’re told or whatever everyone else is doing and don’t think for themselves, much like mindless sheep. They don’t have the intelligence or sense of self to

No Negativity

Stop Engaging in Unnecessary Negativity

One of the many things that saddens me in today’s society is when people engage in unnecessary negativity. There’s nothing wrong with sharing your opinion and making your thoughts known. However, there is something very wrong with those whose opinions include bashing, insults and other negativity that doesn’t need to

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