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Stop Living In The Past

It’s unfortunate to see, but many people let their past hold them back from having a better future. They’re so tied up in things that have happened to them that they can’t allow anything better into their lives. How many times have you hear people say things like: “Nobody will

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Can Empathy Be a Super Power?

Most human beings have some level of empathy, and some have a great deal more than others. With training or personal ability, can empathy be like a super power? If you’ve watched a lot of movies, you’ve probably seen many characters with psychic abilities. Movies and books like to use

How to Find Peace in Your Life

The world is so hectic, that we may find it hard to keep going. Read these steps for ideas on how to bring peace and contentment back into your life, even if you have fallen on hard times. Accept that there are things which you cannot change. As an individual,

Stop Destructive Self Talk

Yesterday I wrote an article to get people think more about the good in themselves and this is sort of an extension of that idea. Society has taught us to always compare ourselves to others and to feel like we’re less than others. Because of this we have a lot

Should You Follow the Path of Selflessness?

I do a lot of reading about Buddhist teachings, and it weighs heavily into my own spiritual practices. However, I do question the idea of living from complete selflessness. I believe in balance in all things, and this way of life conflicts with that. Many Buddhists seem to believe in

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