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More on Curing Yourself Through Thought

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Some people firmly believe in the healing power of prayer or meditation, but in our current society, many people think it’s nonsense and that if a doctor says they need medications or that their affliction has no cure, that’s the end of it. There are no options. There really are options, you just have to believe in them.

One of the first things I did to help heal myself was that I made a conscious choice to not talk so much about my illness. I used to tell everyone that I had a thyroid disorder. Whenever I felt unwell or something was wrong with my body, I always brought up the thyroiditis. I was sick all the time, and I was talking and thinking about it all the time.

So I stopped talking about it. When people asked about my health or if they asked something because they could tell I was unwell, I’d just say “I have some health issues, but I’m working on it.” I didn’t go into details. If they asked for details, I started saying “Let’s not talk about that.” and I’d change the topic. It quickly became quite easy to not see myself as someone who was a victim of Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, but see myself as someone who was sick with hope of getting better.

After that I filled my head with as much information as I could about the body’s natural healing abilities. I stopped looking into disorders and symptoms and the horror stories, and instead researched how our bodies can heal themselves. I looked for stories of miraculous healing. I looked into meditation, prayer and other ways that people believed they were able to cure themselves. The fear and pressure of my disorder was replaced with hope and the factual knowledge that our bodies, if allowed, can overcome just about anything.

I also began looking away from my main issue, the HT, and started looking at the symptoms. “What can I do about that?” I’d ask myself, then I’d research answers to that. For instance, for about a year I used a home-prepared herbal rinse to get my hair to grow back. I’d lost a lot and it was still falling out. I used the herbal treatment until it grew back. After that, I settled myself in the belief that I was done with that symptom. I haven’t had issues with hair loss in a few years now.

I have been doing that with all my symptoms. I’ve completely cured my GERD which I was told was permanent. My hair is doing quite well. I’m rarely ever in pain that isn’t caused by normal things like a heavy workout or stubbed toe anymore. My insomnia is better, though there’s still room for improvement. I’ve lost 25 pounds. I still have breathing problems, but I no longer need the inhaler I used to have to carry everywhere. I haven’t taken a prescription pill in many years, except for a few days after I had a tooth pulled.

I use chanting when some symptom hits me, and I find it works almost every time. I also meditate on healing. I have faith in my body’s ability to fix itself. I believe that people can heal themselves. They just have to ignore the media and Big Pharma telling them they we are powerless and must rely on what’s sold to us to cure our ills. They need to stop looking at every sickness as something that is forever and beyond their control. If people can cure paralysis and cancer with no medical explanation and without medical treatment, I’d say people with lesser problems certainly can as well.

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