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I Have Been Crying for the World

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More often than I’d like, I find myself suddenly feeling heartbroken and crying. It’s not from any pain of my own, but pain for the world. Things have gotten so bad that it actually hurts me. Some days I can’t seem to stop myself from breaking down into wracking sobs over they way things are in the world right now.

Just recently I was watching one of my usual TV crime dramas and by the end of it I was in tears. It reminded me of how messed up people are. It reminded me of how horrible and ugly the world is, and of how helpless I feel about making it better. I want the world to change. I want to see an end to the hate and pain, but I feel like there’s so little I can do about it.

Part of the pain is also from the fact that I don’t like to feel hate, but the religion that is responsible for most of the horror in the world right now is making me feel just that. I have to battle away thoughts of wanting to watch every last one of those hateful bastards burn. In my mind I know they’re broken, mentally damaged, and they think their hate is a form of love, but deeper down, I just want to make them stop. I want them and their hate gone.

Why do these people want to destroy all of us? To “save” us? How is hating everyone who’s not heterosexual going to make things better? How is condemning love a good thing? How is this war on women good? How is promoting rape culture and the subjugation of women positive? How is turning the world into mindless, blind, stupid slaves going to save us? It’s not. It’s all about power and control. It’s not about faith or love or peace, it’s about controlling us and making us all slaves.

It hurts my soul that people with these thoughts can even exist. It hurts too that people are allowing all of this to happen. Not enough are standing up. [breathes back tears] Some days I want to stand in the street and scream until I can’t speak. Scream and make the world wake up and fight back. Wake up! Stop being sheep! Stop allowing this cult and it’s hate to ruin our freedom! Fight! Fight damnit!

There has to be more we can do. Those of us who are against the hate and fear-mongering and hypocrisy need to stand up. We need to wake others up. We need to get people changing and fighting. They’re waging war on us, we need to battle back. The world needs to stop cowering under the big religious boot waiting to be squashed. We need to rise up and overwhelm them.

For now my writing, sharing thoughts and trying to make people think, is all I can do. Maybe it’s all any of us can do. And maybe we should do more. Stop feeding the problem with articles about celebrities and mindless junk and speak out for things that matter. Make every word count. Make people think. Get them fired up.

What can any of us do to really make change in the world? What are you doing to fight against the oppression and slavery that they’re pushing for? Are you trying to wake others up to the reality of what’s happening in the US, and the world?

Briana Blair

Briana Blair

Briana Blair is an author and artisan. She has published more then 30 books and thousands of articles across multiple sites. After practicing Paganism and witchcraft for 25 years, she's now on a journey as an atheist and skeptic. She's eclectic, unpredictable, and always evolving. Facebook - Twitter

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