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Crimes Against The LGBTQ Community Need To Stop

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I have a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that in this day and age people still haven’t learned to accept the LGBT community. Gay and differently oriented people have always existed and always will. We know now that it’s not a matter of “sin”, it’s either how you’re born or just being true to yourself. Being other than male or female or having an orientation other than heterosexual isn’t wrong. So why do people still have issues?

I don’t remember who, but I recall reading that some politician said something to the effect of taking all the gays to an island then nuking it until it glowed. That’s appalling. There’s still violence against LGBT people every day, and there seems to be quite a run on transgendered people lately. I don’t understand it. They’re just people trying to live their lives like anyone else. They’re not hurting anyone, so why are people hurting them?

Really, I’ve never cared what gender people associate with or what their sexual preferences are. Well, I still consider sex with animals and children wrong, but what consenting adult humans do with each other is mostly their own business unless someone is actually being harmed. I’ve even identified as androgyne and bisexual, though these days I see no point in the labels. I just really don’t understand why anyone thinks they have a right to harm another person for not being a heterosexual with a binary gender identity.

It sickens me when I hear about violence being done to LGBT people. I want to take whoever did it, strap them to a chair, and just bombard them with every bit of information I can until they get it through their skulls that harming another person is just totally wrong and their hate is so horrible and misplaced. Hating someone for being different from you has got to be one of the dumbest things that humanity has come up with. While some may claim they have a book to back them up, I’ve never accepted that as any kind of justification. We’ve come a long way in the last 2000 years.

Honestly, I feel that all hate crimes need to stop. It’s bothersome to me that people get all up in arms over a violent crime where a minority is the victim, but a lot of crimes against LGBT people are swept under the rug. Some people even applaud such acts. Hate and fear are not justification for harming another person, plain and simple. I think all the binary-hetero people out there should be glad that the people they’ve oppressed and abused haven’t fought back and just started killing them all. Luckily, not everyone is full of hate and fear and thinking that hurting or killing others is the answer.

These issues have been out in the open for so long, I don’t see why people don’t just educate themselves, let go of the fear and hate, and just let other people live. Not liking or understanding something doesn’t immediately make it wrong, and if you think that violence against another human being is a good way to deal with things, then you really have problems of your own that you should be focusing on.

Briana Blair

Briana Blair

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