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Creative Visualizations To Protect Yourself From Negativity and Bad Magick

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We All Think Differently

I’m sure you’ve seen dozens, maybe even hundreds of articles online telling you how to visualize to protect yourself from negative energy or malicious magick. These techniques almost always center around seeing a white light or rooting into the ground. The words might be a little different here and there, but overall, most of them are pretty much the same. The thing is, not everyone’s mind works the same way. No matter how popular a visualization is, there are people who just can’t make it work for them. Contrary to what some may tell you, there’s no “right” way to visualize, and what you really need to do is find something that works for you.

White light and deep roots are wonderful, but if those images don’t work for you, don’t fret. You can use any visualization that works for you. The only truly important thing is that whatever you’re seeing lines up with the result you want to get from it. With that in mind, I’m going to give you a few interesting examples of visualizations that you can use for protection, that are unusual, but you might find that they’re just the thing you need to get the job done.

The Big, Bright Umbrella

To begin this visualization, sit quietly, with your eyes closed, preferably in a dark space. Look around behind your eyelids, as if you’re trying to see something in a pitch black room. As you look around, think about light appearing to you. Ask to see a light in the darkness. Eventually, you should see some light. Focus on the colors, not on any shapes that may form. Try to pay attention to the colors as they appear all around in the darkness. Typically, one color will appear more than any other. This is the color you’re going to use for your visualization.

Next, imagine that color taking form as a big umbrella. It doesn’t matter if it’s a solid color or if it has a pattern, just let it be what it wants to be. Once you have the image of the umbrella in your mind, see yourself standing under it. You may see your whole self standing under an umbrella, or your mind may show it over your head as you sit where you are. Either way works, don’t fight it. Once the umbrella is over your head, imagine that this spiritual umbrella is able to protect you from anything negative that comes your way, just like a mundane umbrella protects you from the rain. 

It’s possible that you may see the umbrella get wider or longer. It may even drop down and cover your whole body like a capsule. Let it happen. Let it protect you as it sees fit. Trust that it will be there for you and it will protect you fully. Take some time to enjoy the feeling of safety, as you become sheltered by its coverage. When you’re ready, open your eyes and go on with your day. Whenever you feel like you need protection, just call on your spiritual umbrella to cover you. Close your eyes for a moment, wherever you are, and imagine that it’s over your head, keeping you safe. This protective visualization will now be yours to use any time you need it.

The Magickal HazMat Suit

This may sound pretty out there, but it can work wonders, especially if you feel like you need protection from something particularly nasty. Just like before, you’re going to look for colors in the darkness, and find one that speaks to you. This will be the color of your suit.

Once you have the color in your mind, imagine dressing yourself in a HazMat suit. (If you’re not sure what one of these looks like, look for some photos online before beginning your meditation.) You can dress yourself in whatever order feels natural. You can start with the jumpsuit or the hood. Put on every piece of the suit. Imagine yourself covering every part of your body with this protective suit. Let the suit be as tight or as loose as it wants to be, so long as it covers you fully. If you like, you can imagine taping up the seams of the suit for extra protection. 

Once you have your suit on, imagine the protection that it’s offering you. Just like a real HazMat suit, it can protect you from nearly anything. It’s virtually impenetrable. In your mind, move around in it, get comfortable with it. It doesn’t have to look or feel as bulky as a real one in order to work. Once you’re comfortable, tell yourself that this suit is available anytime you need it. It can be invisible and on all the time, or something that you don only when needed. When you’re ready, open your eyes. Now you have a spiritual protection suit whenever you need it.

Feel Free To Get Creative

Hopefully, if the traditional protection visualizations don’t work for you, one of the ones above will. If not, don’t stress! Take some time to sit quietly and think of what kind of things represent protection to you. Maybe a big stop sign that keeps negativity from coming near you sounds good. Maybe you wrap yourself in plastic wrap to keep your energy in and bad energies out. Just let your mind run free and allow the right thing to come to you. You’ll know when you’ve got something that’s going to get the job done.

As always in magick, there’s no one right answer. There are infinite ways of solving any problem, you just have to be willing to let your mind run free and find the answer that’s right for you. Don’t worry if it’s “strange” or “silly” by anyone else’s standards. You never need to tell anyone else what you’re doing. The only important thing is that it feels right to you. If seeing yourself surrounded by a pack of spotted, purple attack kittens is what makes you feel safe, you go ahead and use that visualization! Magick that’s personal is magick that’s truly effective. Rest assured that in time, you’ll find the perfect imagery for your needs.

Briana Blair

Briana Blair

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